A Two-Legged Affair: Maybelline and Ashraf’s Softly Hued Cross-Cultural Wedding

Maybelline and Ashraf dreamt up a romantic soirée with lush flowers and soft colours creating a dreamy juxtaposition against the vibrant ambient of the couple’s exuberant guests during their 2-legged weddings shot by Love Me Tender Films at One Farrer Hotel & Spa and The Grassroots Club.

The wedding was even more magical for the two as their families welcome one another in cool embrace while honouring both Chinese and Malay cultures.  

Read on for their story on how they managed to overcome some hurdles and the couple’s advice for brides and grooms to be!

How did you meet?

Ashraf: We first met during our first 3 months in JC and were all placed in a class with the DSA students.

Maybelline: Yep, I’ve always thought that he’s just another rugby player and he probably thinks I’m a geek who loves Volleyball and art. He always disturbed me during class.

He used to kick my chair, pull my pony tail and that got me really annoyed but I guess that’s also how it started. Then, we started texting and got really comfortable with each other, and the rest is history.

What was the proposal like?

Ashraf: Simple! We wanted it to be just us. So, I took her to a spot where used to chill and hang out at during our younger days, and i popped the question at the very spot!

It wasn’t easy to keep it a secret because she always knows what I’m up to and that’s pretty frustrating.  

Maybelline: Okay, I didn’t expect it until he started reminiscing on our youthful days. Although, I’ve hinted to him before – no drama, no crowd, just as – and he did it how I’d like it.

I was actually very surprised that he met up with my parents and asked for my hand in marriage alone. Brave man. I am really proud of him.


Tell us about your wedding!

Maybelline: Initially, we visualised it to be just a small solemnisation ceremony with 20 of our family and friends but it turned out to be a total of three events with 2000 guests.

What were the challenges you had to overcome as a couple considering the two families have different cultural backgrounds?

Maybelline: The biggest challenge was letting our respective families know that we’re a couple. We both really wanted our family’s blessings before we got married. Well, 11 wonderful years have passed and we are one, now! We love our family members who have been ever so supportive throughout our romantic journey.

What were the challenges you had to overcome during your wedding preparation considering the two families have different cultural backgrounds?

Ashraf: Both sides of the family wanted to do their own usual traditional wedding ceremonies so in the end we decided to hold two separate weddings during the weekend.

It was definitely more hectic on the planning aspect of it but I guess it’s good in a way that both sides got to experience the customs and traditions of another culture firsthand.

Maybelline: It is quite heartening to see that we eventually compromised and managed to witness the exchange of cultural experiences between both families at both receptions – we’re really thankful for that.

What are some of your favourite moments/memories from your wedding day?

Ashraf: It would definitely be seeing both our families embracing and experiencing one another’s culture, and becoming one big family.

Not trying to be cliche, but after the wedding we realise that family doesn’t have to be blood but you can also start with love and respect.

Any tips or advice for all the grooms and brides to be?

Lots of patience and understanding. There will always be conflict but all you have to do is focus on the solution.

Communication is KEY. Also, start planning early!

Of cascading pastel drapes and giant bouquet of ivory flowers – both wedding receptions were enchanting to the eyes but their guests made the two parties extra-ordinary. Thank you, Maybelline and Ashraf for sharing your story. It’s truly something that many Singaporeans could relate to, these days. Perhaps young interracial couples and their families can emulate how both your families handled the union so harmoniously that it looks almost effortless!

Wishing the newlyweds lots of love, 

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No. of Guests: 2000

Venue: Yusof Ishak Mosque / One Farrer Hotel & Spa / The Grassroots’ Club

Photographers: Love Me Tender Films

Bride’s Outfit: Baju Kurung from Anggun by Mastura / Cheongsam from Silk Of The Orient 

Groom’s Outfit: Baju Melayu from Anggun by Mastura / Suit from Silk Of The Orient

Jewellery: Anggun by Mastura

Hair & Makeup: Anggun by Mastura

Decor: Anggun by Mastura

Flowers: Floraphil

Wedding Favours: Wedding KarrenOne Farrer Hotel & Spa

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