Top 5 Proposal Rings of 2017

Girls, have a feeling the love of your life may be popping the question very soon? If so, you have come to the right place. Let’s admit it, the ring on our finger is as important as the man we’re about to get marry. Plus, leaving it all to the man to handle the whole process of finding the perfect proposal ring may be a bit absurd. Unless your fiancé-to-be is Michael Trio, then it’s safe to say, IdealWeddings is speaking for all the women here. Finding the right proposal ring may be a little tedious and so we’ve researched and curated so many rings that we might as well be ring sommeliers. Here’s our top 5 picks for this year’s ring collection by our local jewellers.

Pavé  Rings

Pavé rings have been the talk of the town lately, or rather the jewellery industry. A pavé ring is one that has a setting of tiny gemstones or metals giving it the illusion of a solid diamond surface. It is perfect for modern women as it’s simple, chic and sleek. This spectacular Pave Ring from Venus Tears is a simple pave ring for those who are crazy for the pavé setting. It’s so chic especially with the two small diamonds supporting the larger diamond. No woman could ever say ‘No’ when this beauty is shoved right in her face.

Get this ring from Venus Tears. Located at 101 Thomson Rd, Singapore 307591 or call them at 6352 9165 or visit their website here.

Gold Solitaire 

They say diamonds are meant to be worn, while gold are meant to be kept. Far East Gems is bringing a real sense of modernity to the timeless jewellery scene by introducing gold as a classic and majestic beauty. If done right, gold may very well be the new silver. Take this stunning Gold Solitaire Diamond piece, for instance, you can clearly see the fine artistry in this ring. Plus, it’s set at a remarkable price, and considering how beautiful it is – it’s definitely a catch!

Get this ring from Far East Gems & Jewellery. Located at 222 Queen Street, #02-02, (188550) or call them at 6734 3172 or visit their website here.

Classic Halo Ring

Michael Trio Jewellery Showroom is a Singapore-based jeweller since 2013, and Michael, himself, has been in the jewellery and manufacturing industry for 40 years. Although, they’re known for their wedding bands. We promise you, their engagement rings do not disappoint. In fact, if you prefer to wear both your wedding band and engagement ring on the same finger, it’d be best to get it both at Michael Trio as it’s easier to match. Here is a classic halo engagement setting that is poised, polished, and extravagant. This classic halo diamond engagement ring in 18k white gold is perfect for those who loves a good halo ring. It’s an elegant and harmonious silhouette that represents both your partner and you.

Get this ring from Michael Trio Jewellery Showroom. Located at 91 Tanjong Pagar Road, (088512) or call them at 6299 0110 or visit their website here.

Customisable Rings

Artisan Jewellery

It’s the era of customisation – where everyone just wants to put their own stamp on everything whether it’s chocolates, phone covers or even sneakers. When it comes to proposal rings, however, it’s a totally different ballgame. First, it’s no few hundred bucks you or your partner would be spending on. Secondly, a good jeweller is a helpful jeweller. At Artisan Jewellery, the jewellers are extremely friendly, and can be relied on for professional advice.
Artisan Jewellery is a unique shop that lets you fully customise your wedding ring without burning a hole in your pocket. The best part is – you can pick a gemstone according to your birthstone! So, it’s a gift unique to the user. Artisan Jewellery crafts beautiful timeless heirlooms that can be passed down to generations and generations.

Get this ring from Artisan Jewellery. Located at 430 Upper Changi Road (487048) or call them at 6385 9665 or visit their Facebook page here.

Tanzanite Stone

Tanzanite is one of the two gemstones that are much more rare than diamonds. It is one of the rarest blue gem and a popular alternative to sapphire. Although most of the world’s popular gemstones have been known and used for centuries, tanzanite was not discovered in commercial quantities till the 60s. This beautiful, rich velvety Tanzanite from Exotic Gems & Jewellery Pte Ltd, weighing 8 carat, would sit perfectly on your finger especially in contrast with your white wedding gown. The details in this ring – are just to die for. A pick from this dramatic collection would astound just about anyone.

Get this ring from Exotic Gems & Jewellery Pte Ltd. Located at #02-25A, 30 Raffles Place, Chevron House, (048622) or call them at 6438 3596 or visit their Facebook page here.

Engagement rings are about the promise of two lovers. So, don’t get caught up with what’s in trend and what’s not because what matters most is the intentions of your heart. Also, if you think you love the old designs better, that just means you have an exceptional taste in vintage rings! Focus on what feels right, instead of what’s hot on the charts because a wedding is a celebration of love with your loved ones.

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