How To Not Turn Into A Bridezilla

Back in the day, weddings are all about families and neighbours gathering to make a joyous ceremony in their homes, and during those times the term ‘Bridezilla’ was unheard of. Today, planning the perfect day can be chaotic for brides-to-be especially without a wedding planner. So, being the good friends we are, Ideal Weddings present you our very own Anti Bridezilla Repellent! 

Have A Wedding Checklist       

First things first, have a checklist of what you need to accomplish by your wedding date and that includes what your family members are wearing, all the vendors settled including your gown. You can download a checklist from here. It covers all wedding aspects, everything you need,  from your invitation cards to door gifts.

Having a checklist is important so you won’t miss out on anything. Make sure your partner and you get down to all the nitty gritty business and have it settled during the first semester of your wedding planning. So, that includes your venue and your invitation cards.

Imagine you totally forget about your husband’s boutenniere or worse – your heels! Although, IdealWeddings would love to see a sneaker-ed bride in a ballroom, you wouldn’t exactly want to look back on that.

Leave Someone In-Charge

Don’t take the entire wedding planning on your shoulders. We know you want everything you’ve ever dreamt of for your big day but it’s always better to have someone you can consult. Be it your elder sibling, your already married best friend or even your parents. They’ve done this before so they should know better. Plus, You can’t still be obsessing with the light setup and the seating arrangement the day before your wedding day – that’s the worst!

You should not leave all the decision-making to yourselves, having another person to consult is always best.

Be Flexible and Willing To Adapt

Now, we know grand wedding receptions and princess ball gowns with a cascading tulle skirt have been on our minds since we were, well, since we can ever remember. It’s normal but sometimes we get too ambitious and too adamant on some matters especially when things don’t go our way.  Sometimes, it’s best to let go.

Always, remember to set financial parameters for your wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t forget to take a step back and re-evaluate everything; down to the cover seats and centrepieces. Remove anything you think is tacky and remember not to compromise on the taste level. A real life Cinderella wedding with a pumpkin carriage accompanied by a mouseman may be a little bit overboard.

You never know what you get when you’re flexible and more easy going, maybe you’ve always hated blue but teal cover seats look perfect in the Clifford Pier@ The Fullerton bay hotel hall making your dress stand out. Maybe the uncle at the printing shop for your invitation cards gives you a half price discount for being a flexible person. How convenient!

Remain Positive

Be it a mantra or the orange essential oil you carry with you everywhere you go. Remind yourself to always remain positive because trust us when we say you need it. Positivity goes a long way and if you start your wedding planning by being a crabby bride-to-be, your beautiful ceremony may end up being a crabby wedding as well. After all, this only happens once in a lifetime so live in in the moment.

Pre-Wedding Jitters

Don’t even think about having cold feet or making a remake of the Runaway Bride. If you’re starting to chide yourself for regretting leaving your ex in secondary school, it’s just your mind playing tricks on you. We would love to give you some scientific explanation for this, but let’s not. Take a deep breath and remember how much you love your fiancé, and maybe blast some good ol’ school wedding tunes to get the mood going!

Whatever it is, you can always count on us for your wedding essentials, and what nots. We have all the tips and tricks to prepare you for the most magical night of your life. Don’t forget to live in the moment with your loved ones and cherish them!


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