Louboutin-Inspired Heels From Zalora Under $100 Your BFFs Will Go Head Over Heels For

You’ve heard it in pop-songs, seen it on the feet of blockbuster film actresses and it’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of designer shoes. The stiletto with the famous sultry red sole has defined glamorous footwear for women around the globe for the past two decades. Every woman and every bridesmaid would kill to have that Louboutin-level-glamour even on their bestfriend’s wedding day. Who could blame them, though? Thanks to the creative minds behind Ideal Weddings, we’ve come up with quite a very genius master plan to still achieve achieve the glam and the glitz of any Christian Louboutin heel without breaking the bank. Here are 5 heels you could get from Zalora that are considered Louboutin’s long lost siamese twins.


Peep Toe Platform Heels by Something Borrowed        Aketata from Christian Louboutin

If you’re wondering which is the Parisian designer’s heel, think hard. Both are suede, platform heeled and have covered buckle ankle straps. Save SGD$840 and enjoy a day at the foot spa so you would have a hindfoot as smooth as baby’s buttocks. Yep, you guessed it wrong, the red platform heels are under Zalora’s ‘Something Borrowed’ line of shoes. After all, scalloped rims don’t work well with Singapore’s weather unless you’d want stinky feet by the end of the night. 

Tip: Match these heels with a dim grey, pastel yellow, nude or a black dress. 

Metallic Pointed Heels from Something Borrowed             Actina from Christian Louboutin

Yes, we hear you, these Metallic heels are to-die-for, and we don’t know about you guys, but they look almost exactly the same besides the croccy tiles. The pointed toe cap and the shape of the heels follow the shapes of the foot forming an elegant curve. Now, metallic looks seem to be almost de rigueur for fashion brands to include in their line. The Actina heel from Louboutin’s latest Bridal Collection is made from real leather and we all know real leather is so yester-year. Now, you can shimmer around you bestie’s wedding guilt-free with Zalora’s faux-leather Metallic Pointed Heels!

Tip: Pair these metallic heels with a light dangling metallic ear accessory to wrap up the look.

Wrap Around Heels from Public Desire                                           Douce De Desert from Christian Louboutin             

Would you rather spend SGD$900 on a pair of heels or pay 5% the price for a similar one and treat yourself to a luxurious mani-pedi to flaunt your french manicured toenails? Let us break it down for you why this stunning pair from Public Desire is worth sacrificing the Christian-Louboutin-glamour. Think of it as a modern, and much less painful spin-off of the classic pointe shoe bewitched by flawless proportions while also embodying the feminine energy. The sleek style of this romantic blush pink heels is perfect for any wedding setting and will fit seamlessly into your wardrobe. You can’t exactly perform pointe work in these heels but hey, a pirouette would do! 

Tip: The wrap around heels would look perfect with a mini wrap dress or a mini a-line one!

Babbitt Perforated Heels from Guess                                      Very Rete from Christian Louboutin

Consider this a must-have for every heel lover. What’s there not to love about this? The nude colour with a metallic accent at the end of the heel and the mesh fishnet style of this pumps. This Babbitt Perforated Heels from Guess looks like an American counterpart of the Louboutin’s Very Rete heels. Very impressive, huh? Lucky for you, it’s now priced at SGD$90 than the usual SGD$140 so we’re sure this is a no-brainer. 

Tip: Pair these heels with any knee-length or above dresses, it’s that versatile!

Studded Heel Pumps from Nose                                      Anjalina from Christian Louboutin

Both pumps are slender, pointed toe and accompanied by a delicate trace of metallic details. The only difference is that Nose’s pumps are studded while Louboutin’s have spikes, which are quite the danger hazard. It doesn’t even end there – the studded pumps from Nose even has a red sole, albeit, slightly darker. Imagine the lights start to dim during the dinner banquet, and you’re just done giving a bridesmaid’s speech on the stage. Do a smooth and casual foot pop and you’ll make all the other guests question if this woman really owns a Louboutin. Easy peasy lemon squeezy – for just under SGD$70 plus that red sole, it’s a shame if you don’t add this into your shopping cart right now. 

Tip: A chiffon maxi slit dress or a midi dress with a grecian neckline would look stunning with the studded pumps. 


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