Ideal Weddings’ Hacks 101: DIY Wedding Decorations You Ought To Know

Nothing spells love more than to put some heart, soul and sweat into your wedding decor. Most couples in Singapore hold both their wedding reception and ceremony in hotels. So, it’s really no surprise that many weddings tend to look the same. Although, there are some who source external vendors such as a florist or a wedding stylist team to make their wedding stand out, not many are willing to spend a fortune for that reason. Thanks to the technology of 2017, we have scoured the internet for the most brilliant, most romantic, and most adorable props you can DIY to be part of your wedding decor that will suit many couple’s weddings here in Singapore. If you worry these are too tedious for you, we assure you they 100% aren’t! Plus, we don’t wish to add on to your pre-wedding stress so we provided direct links for you to purchase the various kits and elements for your DIY wedding project to make it a whole lot easier for you.  

Miniature chairs, for your guests seating cards

Photo from: Buzzfeed

























Miniature chairs with your guests’ name caligraphed on each piece – they’re just too cute! These are brilliant ideas we took off the net, and we just have to share it with all the brides-to-be out there. It’s fun to make, and you probably have everything you need to make these already in your own home. You could get the thick paper from any bookstore or even from Carousell if you wish to get discounted prices for bulk purchases. 

Here’s how to make them: 

  1. To form each paper chair, you will need one with 27 by 5 cm of card stock with ½ cm of thickness: Use a bone folder to score each strip into 4 sections: a top one that’s 11cm long, then 3 equal 5cm by 5cm sections.
  2. Fold the strip at the top score line; the short section of the L will be the chair’s back
  3. Bring the horizontal part of the strip down as shown, and fold at the next score line, formind the chair back and starting the seat.
  4. Fold the strip down at the front of the seat to make the front legs. You may use a glue stick or double-sided tape to secure the 2 layers of the chair back together. Set right-side up, and trim, if necessary
  5. Lastly, get anyone with awesome handwriting to caligraph the names of the guests on the chair along with their seats!

It may sound tedious at first, but it’s really easy especially once you get the first one done. Say you have 300 guests to make these tiny chairs for, it’ll be a piece of cake if you get 5 other helpers to do it with you. We promise you it’s quick, simple and your guests will definitiely remember this charming gesture!

Photo booth area, for your instagram posts

Photo by: Pinterest’s 25 + Photobooth DIY
































Lately photo booths have been the hype but to engage in a rental may be a tad too costly for some. If you have a Polaroid camera or someone you know has one, then this DIY hack is perfect for those who are dying to have their own photobooth area. Save some money, and make your own props and rustic-looking frames you can get off AliExpress or even better – Carousell! We know films can be quite costly but it’s definitely cheaper than engaging with an external vendor. 

Here’s where to get the following items:

Click here for props

Click here for fairy lights

Crane backdrop, to show the freedom of love

Photo from: The Knot Crane DIY Backdrop

































We know this looks really tedious to DIY but fret not, people, all you have to do is piece 3 things together to make an enchanting backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Most couples hold their solemnisation in a private room at the hotel of their wedding banquet and these rooms are normally plain-looking with only chairs and some streamers to beautify the room. Well, we think couples can do better with this 2-step hack to bring your ceremony to another level. Also, everything-origami is so in fashion now – we bet you own a pair of origami ear studs by now.  Also, this backdrop is highly insta-worthy! No?

Here’s where to get the following items or watch a tutorial on origami cranes here

Click here  for white origami cranes 

Click here for tiny metallic origami cranes 

Click here  for classy stencils 

Click here for silver strings 

Submerged-floral candles, for an ethereal feel

Photo from: Fashion Blog

Some say centrepieces are intended to be the focus of attention but some say the 8-course meal speaks for itself. Whatever it is, this DIY ethereal centrepiece is simple, romantic and super classy for those who aren’t very much into DIY things. We can safely say that these submerged-flower candle could easily replace all the centrepieces out there. All you need are flowers from your local florist, tiny LED lights, crystal-looking vase fillers, and a pair of hands – for just under $20.

Here are the steps to make your ethereal centrepieces: 

  1. Firstly, cut the flowers and the stems according to the size and length of your cylindrical container
  2. Next, scatter some vase filler to set the bed for the container
  3. Include an LED light amongst the vase filler
  4. Carefully add the flower into the container and arrange it to however you’d like to be
  5. Pour water into the container until it’s about 4cm from the brim
  6. Add a candle that fits into the calendar 
  7. Light it, and watch the candle float on the cylindrical flower terrarium

Your guests won’t even guess it’s a DIY hack. It’s simple, cheap and it totally adds on to the romantic and winter whimsy theme that most couples love!

Here is where to get the following items: 

Click here for LED Lights

Click here for vase filler

Click here for cylindrical glass vase


Laced Candle Holders, for a romantic table setting

Photo from: The Sweetest Occasion


Why have boring candles or just ordinary coloured glass candles for your big day? These beautiful black-laced candles is a must-have for dinner receptions. Get any ordinary candle from IKEA or Carousell, and simply source your own fabric of your choice whether at your favourite fabric shop or even AliExpress. Lace is perfect as the holes would cast beautiful shadowed shapes on your guest’s tables. Lace may also be really expensive so imagine how much one ready-made laced candles are – a fortune! Here’s how to DIY your own candle holder.

  1. Get 5 yards of the fabric of your choice such as this beautiful african french silver lace from AliExpress
  2. Cut it according to the size of your candle with fabric scissors or any sharp ones
  3. Use double-sided tape to hide the tape, and to stick the faric together making it look like it got sewed on together as a holder!             

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. This romantic touch will win over anyone’s hearts. Plus, it’s dirt cheap, and too easy to make.

Here’s where to get the following items: 

Click here for African French Lace 

Click here for Scented Candles 


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