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Malena Bridal Haute Couture works to combine fashion and weddings together to offer something wholly beautiful and life-changing for the bride and the groom.

Tuck away in a quiet corner of Thomson Road, lies this beautiful three-storey luxury bridal boutique shop.

Like a diamond in the rough, Malena Bridal Haute Couture does not disappoint, with its luxurious interior design and wide selection of beautiful and unique bridal dresses on display. Also, displayed along the shop’s walls and stairway, are their concept photoshoots of contemporary and natural styles not seen in most bridal shops.

Though Malena Bridal Haute Couture is only two years old, they have stunned and captivated customers and magazines editors alike. They have been featured in the New Paper, Blissful Brides and Singapore Tatler Fall/Winter 2016.

The services they offer, are extensive. They provide packages for local and overseas pre-wedding planning and photography. This includes gown (pre-made or tailor made), suit, tuxedo rentals/purchases and bridal makeup. They also offer on day services like bridal car decor, photography and videography.

The shop’s origins started as an idea three years ago. The three founders, Malena Gong, Joyce Yeo and Sally Yap, felt that in Singapore, the current landscape for weddings is monotonous, standard and very uniform in its presentation and offerings, be it in terms of wedding gowns, pre-wedding shoots, etc. They felt that a game changer was sorely needed for the scene here in Singapore. They, motivated by their common vision, left their corporate jobs and sought to fill this void left open by the industry and change the scene with their new styles and offerings.

So, we asked the founders, how does Malena Bridal Haute Couture different from the other shops?

Malena explained, “We wanted to achieve a Korean style and Japanese style fusion in terms of our makeup. We wanted to combine the good traits of both styles and create something unique and new for our brides. For photography, it is geared towards a fashion and contemporary direction with a focus on the couple themselves rather than the scenery or landscape of the location. We want to capture the most natural facial and body expressions of the couple.We prefer our couples to interact with each other and move around naturally so that we can capture more spontaneous poses and facial expressions.”

Joyce adds on: “We wanted our brand and services to suit our more Asian customers, be it in gown design, makeup style or hairstyle. We feel most couples take inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram. But they mostly feature and focus on Caucasian models and style. We wanted to do something different that is more customised and suitable for locals and their personalities.”


Malena Bridal Haute Couture provides a very comprehensive consultation to understand their customers’ needs and even their strengths, with this defining their bespoke bridal styling services.

“We talk to them to understand their preferences on things like the gown style, cutting, photography, makeup etc.” Joyce elaborated. “We give them our advice and input based on their body shape, their look, their personality and we can suggest a style most suitable for them that focuses on their best assets. We also ensure that they are comfortable and willing when suggesting styles.”

They go above and beyond for their customers and are dedicated to are dedicated to providing their couples the maximum value for their purchases.

“We were told by told by industry partners that we treat our customers too well.” Joyce laughed, “But we find it difficult for ourselves to do anything less than our highest standard. Quality to us is really what matters.”


They put their heart and soul into everything they do. This can be seen when discussing their most memorable photoshoot, the desert flower concept shoot.

“So we were thinking about a desert rose, a flower in the desert. We wanted to conceptualize the idea of focusing on the strong side of a female, like of a flower blossoming in the desert. Malena explained. “We made all the props, the 2.5m high letter “M” and our couture floral headpiece, by hand on our own.”

“When we reached the desert in Vietnam, on top of being extremely hot, there were sandstorms.” Joyce continued, “We had to ride an ATV one at a time with a team of 6.”

“We had to carry the gowns to the location as well. Because of the difficult terrain, we had no time for a break and decided to complete the whole shoot there and then” Malena added.

Despite the challenges, the ladies decided to carry on in this difficult terrain and get the shoot done and they managed to produce beautiful photos.

Malena Bridal Haute Couture is truly one of THE up and coming bridal shops here in Singapore. Its unique and stylish take on bridal gowns, makeup and photography style is something a couple looking for some new and unique to them should explore.

With their dedicated service to maintaining high standards and attention to detail when serving their customers, that makes Malena Bridal Haute Couture one bridal shop every couple should consider when getting married.


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Contact details

Malena Bridal Haute Couture
Address: 93 Soo Chow Walk, Singapore 575386
Opening Hours: 11am- 9pm (By appointment only)
Email: love@malenabridal.com
Telephone: +65 6455 2291
Social Media Website // Facebook // Instagram

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