12 Heartfelt Wedding Day Moments No Camera Should Miss

The young bird leaves the nest, and traditionally steps away from the arms of her doting parents into the arms of the man she’s about to marry – it is nothing less than the steepest, most dramatic changes in one’s life. We often undermine the emotional reckoning of weddings beginning with a mother’s wails when she first sees her veiled daughter in a white Monique Lhuillier gown, and then the domino effect of tear-shedding starts from the bride, to the bridesmaids and all the way to the make-up artist’s silent cries as she touches up the bride and her entourage after every crying session. Let’s admit it, weddings are essentially an 18-hour long roller coaster ride with plenty of left-over bridezilla-ness, and we managed to compile 12 photos that would move anyone to tears, or at least go ‘aaww’ at these special moments.

Chui Han & Xinrong


There’s something about a grandmother’s tears that makes the whole room go quiet. They say when the picture is edited in greyscale, the word solemn doesn’t even describe it. Here’s an image of a grandmother crying on her granddaughter’s shoulder – a gaping two generations apart yet the bond still stands strong.

Xin Hui & Aaron

Germaine from Annabel Law Productions

Here’s a major tear-jerker moment when the father of the bride is actually seen passing his daughter on to the man she’s about to spend the rest of her life with. It’s not on every father’s Fun List so letting go of Daddy’s little girl is definitely not easy.

Jocelyn & Cedric

Germaine from Annabel Law Productions

It’s not a common sight to see men cry and when that happens be sure to take your camera out to capture that moment. Not for blackmailing purposes, of course, but one knows a major heart-stirring moment when he sees one. This is definitely one of the top evocative moments at a wedding where a groom is seen hugging his mother to tears at the end of his reception.

Alexia & Shafiq

Awesome Memories

Shafiq and Alexia’s guests spontaneously burst into tears as the couple gave their thank-you speech. It’s either the couple is really good with their words, or a wind of dust blew into the direction of this very table and got into their eyes. Whatever it is, it’s not often you can make an entire table of guests cry during your speech.

Kai Ting & Ken

Alan Ng Photography

Okay, if anyone has anywhere near a perfect shot of two proud parents in a reflection and a happy couple in a car exchanging proud loving gazes with one another, do submit it to us. After all, everyone knows in-laws are not exactly a piece of cake to earn a spot on their good-boys list.

Si Lin & Marcus

Hong Ray Photography

A tender, heartfelt moment as a mother sees her daughter fleeing off to her new nest, leaving the parental unit. A hug surely isn’t enough to sum up twenty plus years of living under the same roof with your mother.

Evelyn & Joseph


Evelyn’s grandmother is sure to touch the hearts of many as she watched her beauty of a granddaughter get ready, prayed with her as well as being handed tea during the tea ceremony itself.

Xian Ling & Rachel

Hong Ray Photography

What many girls look for in a guy – one who would cry at the sight of you in your wedding dress as your father walk you down the aisle. Here, Xian Ling totally lost it the minute he sees his beautiful bride, Rachel. Don’t worry Xian Ling, we kinda lost it as well. Swoons

Jeff & Meiyang

Dapper Pictures

Newlyweds, Jeff and Meiyang were thankful for finally being able to settle down during their reception. After a long day of exchanging vows, wiping off each other’s tears, and greeting guests, these lovebirds were looking forward to nestling up with one another after the chaotic day.

E Leong and Su Ting


As Singaporeans are generally still a cultural bunch, wedding photographers are lucky as they get to document so much interaction and engagement between the couple’s dearest ones. A ceremony where everyone plays a role in the couple’s big day is any photographer’s dream come true. Feeling blessed, Su Ting’s mother gives her a kiss on the cheek giving her blessings and luck for the tea ceremony at her new in-laws.

Jing Du & Pearlyn

SideXSide Pictures

Pearlyn and Jing Du preparing to walk into their reception with the bride’s parents giving their moral support. When two families become one, it’s hard not to tear-up at the warmness present during the ceremony from both sides of the marriage. The shift may be bittersweet but isn’t that what life’s all about?

Yvonne & Jeremy

Hong Ray Photography

The sisters that have been looking forward to your fairytale ending since forever, and the ones that would wipe your tears after you’d get a scolding from the parents are the same sisters who would stand by you during your wedding especially when your husband-to-be fails one of the gatecrashing missions. Just like Destiny’s Child’s hit song ‘Girl’ could bring anyone to tears, this picture says a thousand more words – sisters are the best gifts a girl could ever dream of.

Feature Image: Awesome Memories Photography

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