What Goes Into Your Emergency Kit: 10 Items to Solve Wedding Blunders

After what feels like years planning for this big day, it’s finally crunch time and you’re probably hoping to not sweat the small stuff. Even if you’re pretty sure you got everything in check, “pretty sure” just doesn’t cut it. Whether you have a wedding planner or not, it’s crucial to have a portable emergency kit for your wedding day. It has to contain the essentials to help fix the “just in case” incidents for your and your entourage.



Some makeup artists don’t mind their clients borrowing some of their makeup to last throughout the night as the makeup artists usually leave after dolling up the bride. So, we recommend you to ask if you could borrow their mascara, blusher, loose powder or just the most important one – lipstick. However, if for some reason your makeup artist can’t, then it’s best you consult her which lip colour you could use in place of hers.



Any kind of straw, even a McDonald’s straw would suffice. Get one of your bridesmaids to bring a straw around with her everywhere you go because makeup artists don’t stay for the reception and the last thing you need is your Ruby Woo lips to be wiped off by the fruit punch. Thanks to this century-old invention, you’d save some of your MAC lippie and we promise you’ll be looking like the bombshell you are throughout the wedding dinner. Plus, drinking punch straight from the glass just isn’t worth the slightest lip wash.


Safety Pins

When you’ve been planning your wedding in months, you tend to get all jittery, hungry and emotional – the thought of safety pins could easily slip your mind! Plus, when we say safety pin, we don’t mean only one, we mean a set of safety pins of various sizes. All wedded couples swear by safety pins to be the Panadol of wardrobe malfunctions – big and small. Safety pins are best for spoilt zippers, your bridesmaid’s low neckline, or even to save your bouquet of flowers if you accidentally drop them right before walking down the aisle!


Fast-Absorbing Towelettes

It’s very likely that you’ll come into contact with a bit of red wine on your wedding day. The most important thing is to act fast and gently dab the wine spill. Do not rub, we repeat, do not rub! Of course, the stain won’t disappear magically so it’s best to dab water or Sprite onto the stain to remove it as much as possible. Chalk off whatever the Sprite didn’t remove to mask the stain. You can always send it for dry-cleaning after, although make sure you do it as quickly as possible after the wedding. What’s important is that the bride does not walk around with a red-wine stain on her ball gown – that might go onto the top of your list of ‘Wedding Day Regrets’.



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Some brides may be too busy to even remember to break into their beautiful bridal shoes. We warn you though, it’s a huge no-no to not break into your shoes a week before your wedding day. It will be bloody, painful and least of all, embarrassing. Yup, you heard us right, you would be in so much pain that embarrassing yourself would be the last thing on your mind. The only thing that could save this torment is if you bring a ton of plasters with you: most preferably thick rounded rectangular ones as they cushion your achilles heels the best – and that’s where blisters tend to hurt the most.


Sewing Kit


It’s best to have threads of all the colours of your entire wedding posse. This includes both your white dress and your evening gown, your hubby’s outfit, as well as your entire entourage’s outfit. You wouldn’t want your husband to suffer a fashion blunder, would you? Or worse, your wedding strap has gone awry from all the movement in your tight-fitting dress. The only way to fix these fashion faux pas is to have a portable sewing kit in one of your bridesmaid’s clutches – and you’re good to go. Another tip is to never depend on the hotel’s sewing kit as chances are – they wouldn’t have all the colours you need. So, it’s best to prepare your own set of sewing items so your bridesmaids won’t look like a tool panicking and asking the hotel staff for a lilac-coloured thread, pronto!


Essential Oils

These days essential oils are in most women’s purse, and perhaps even in some men’s bags ready for their disposal. Everyone has various reasons to have their favourite essential oil with them. Whether it’s the ‘Orange’ to uplift your mood, or ‘Peppermint’ to keep that headache away (also works best to beat hunger pangs) – it’s best to include this in your emergency kit as well. Also, if you’re used to bringing around your Leung Kai Feuk Axe Oil then maybe you would have to replace it with a ‘Peppermint’ one instead as essential oils are mostly nice-smelling whereas herbal oils leave a strong and an unpleasant smell.


Double-sided hem tape

For when safety pins aren’t enough to make you feel better in case you suffer a fashion faux pas. With mesh wedding gowns in trend, safety pins aren’t the best to fix loosely-stitched hems. Also, double-sided tapes could come in handy when the flower isn’t sitting right on your veil. Double-sided hem tapes could fix almost anything a safety pin can and sometimes better! Just be sure to have it in your emergency kit, and your feminine instincts would know when exactly to use a double-sided hem tape.


Face Wipes

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Most men have to combat oily skin on a daily basis and their wedding day is no different – what with all the booze-drinking and the Samyang challenge during the gatecrash ceremony. Face wipes are a life saviour when it comes to getting rid of the greasy feel immediately and effortlessly. Plus, it’s super light, so including this in your kit should be not much of a hassle.


A Pocket Mirror

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For this, you may need a few for your bridesmaids too, and if you think your iPhone camera could easily replace a pocket mirror – you are oh-so-very wrong. Firstly, your phone camera could never be as clear as looking into the reflection of an actual glass mirror. Secondly, it’s not advisable to be asking your new hubby if you have something in your nose or on your teeth every ten minutes. So if you feel your falsies getting all clumpy after a gust of wind just blew into the direction of your dolled up face, you know who to ask – Madam Pocket Mirror.



What do you do if you have alcohol-breath and you have to greet your parent’s business friends? You chew on mints. That’s right – mints are the fastest way to get rid of the smell but sadly, the fresh minty smell doesn’t linger for long though. So, perhaps your favourite light snacks that don’t leave a stinky after-smell and a bigger box of mints would do you just right.

Above all, have fun and enjoy the day with your loved ones. Don’t forget to sneak away with your new husband for a few minutes to at least soak in the moment that you’re officially wedded husband and wife! Click here if you wish to know about some DIY projects for your wedding. Also, if you have any other tips or advice for brides-to-be, we’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment below and we’re all ears.


Featured Image: Lia Griffith

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