Fuss-free Wedding Hairstyles Brides-to-be Need to See

This is for all the Lion City brides-to-be who have different types of hair – from the classic straight and luscious Kylie Jenner locks to Chrissy Teigen’s beachy waves or even Shakira’s wild and curly mane. Make yourself a pink lemonade, sit back, relax and throw out that hot iron rod sitting on your dresser since your early secondary school days because we’re going au naturale on your big day.

Embrace those beautiful tresses on your head because the Snooki look is so last season and the all natural look is too in the vogue to not join in the fun. Our beauty forecast predicts the trend is not going away anytime soon! Specially for our homegirls, here are some of our favourite looks that are truly to die for.

The Elegant Chignon


For the beautiful girls with beautiful straight locks, perhaps a sleek chignon would complete your fairytale outfit. We especially love it with a retro twist, simply tease your hair to create a fuller base or crown and you’re good to go. Take this elegant look to another level by flaunting your neckline with a stunning trumpet dress. Don’t forget your jewelled headpiece to complete the look – it’s definitely a showstopper!


Queen for a Day

Ling’s Palette

Don a classic sky-high bun with a wrap-around braid or a simple headband keeping it slicked back while you flaunt your features. It’s your day so why not make it all about you and your gorgeous face. You already spent truckloads on your make-up artist, anyway. To finish off the classic Grace Kelly look, a beautiful regal cathedral veil and a pair of pearl or diamond ear studs would go perfectly with your hairdo.

Volume, volume, volume

Ling’s Palette

For the wavy-haired girls out there, you pretty much get the best of both worlds. A simple trick would be to do your hair in a low ponytail leaving a strand to wrap your pony with, giving the illusion that no hair tie is used. It really is the perfect way to rock a ponytail whilst you dance the night away in your ivory sheath gown. For best results apply some good lovin’ argan or coconut oil to achieve some bombshell waves.

The Jane Porter Look

COCOON Makeup and Hair

It’s not everyday you get to wear crystals and flowers in your hair without looking like a weirdo in public. In fact, any floral arrangement on those beachy waves would look stunning with your white wedding dress. Whether it’s a flower crown or a fresh water pearl hair vine, your hair accessory game would be totally on point.  On a side note, who in the world could ever resist that baby’s breath headband under that gorgeous lace elbow-length veil?

The Minimalistic Side-sweep

Curly-haired girls – you’re in for a real treat because you’re about to get the realest tips for your mane of a hair, and let’s get that straight, we’re not just talking Taylor swift’s-curly-but-straight-hair in disguise, we’re talking about the real frizz that comes with those ringlets. A piece of advice would be to not tame it but flaunt it.

Pin it up on one side and have it just flow naturally on the other, to achieve the best curls for your big day – apply generous amounts of shea butter and condition your hair hours before, for glistening and defined curls.  Especially with a bustier strapless gown and dangling diamond earrings, you would look hotter than Beyonce on that day.

Rustic Charm Updo

Angel Chua Lay Keng

Put on some statement earrings and braid your hair all the way up for a rustic and textured look. This hairstyle looks ridiculously effortless and charming especially with any flower pinned on the side. The best part is that it looks good with any type of veil! Finish it off with hairspray, and that hairstyle of yours would stay intact for days.

Every woman wishes to look their best on her wedding day. After dog-earing tons of bridal magazine pages, bookmarking wedding gowns on Instagram or drooling over Kate Middleton’s gown, we just want to have fun on our wedding day while looking our best. There’s no other time to be Grace Kelly other than your wedding day. So, just leave it to the experts to make you look good and feel good on your special day.  


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