Funk It Up With Singapore’s Top Live Bands For Your Wedding Reception

Typically, a wedding is a lively and joyous occasion where the couple’s most beloved gather to have a ball of a time. Sure, food is important, but what’s a wedding without music? A very boring one indeed. It’s an unspoken rule to have music played at every wedding reception – one that has been unanimously decided by the human race. So, it doesn’t matter if it’s Beethoven’s Symphony No. infinte or Bruno Mar’s funky beats, music is still a must-have. We take that back, it does matter a little bit and that’s exactly why we’ve compiled and curated a list so important – we practically swear by it! You may have heard of a couple of them but we promise you the rest of the acts are just as good. In fact, it’s to die for – you can tell by their rates, it might actually kill some.

Yvette Atienza, for world class jazz

Yvette Atienza has graced many stages in her life, being one of the pioneers of jazz and one of the top jazz singers in Asia. Atienza is the core performer with her own network of five other jazz veterans who make up the greater collective – Mario Serio, Oliver Von Essen, Christy Smith and Eddie Layman. Atienza, along with her fellow session players, dedicate herself to bringing top-quality entertainment rooted in jazz that packs a punch and lift every track she performs. This jazz legend incorporates professional musicianship and stage presence into a dynamic and engaging performance, yet still sophisticated. Even if you don’t know a thing about jazz, you may still want to give it a shot. Anyway, who doesn’t want one of Asia’s top jazz vocalists at their wedding? 

Rates: SGD$3000 onwards

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Cosmic Owls, music for your feet

The Cosmic Owls is notorious for making one dance to the point of no return: feet-aching and sore-throats. This bunch never fails to deliver a crowd pleasing soulful selection of funk and RnB with a pinch of hip hop that would make the crowd go wild within a matter of minutes. Formed only in 2015, it’s no surprise that The Cosmic Owls has already made a name for itself in the local music scene as it’s killer repertoire has something to suit every wedding! Since then, they have vowed to make every wedding the greatest party in one’s life!

Rates: SGD$900 onwards.

+65 8233 1250


Flame of the Forest, for an eclectic array of tunes

Each artist within this collective offers unique elements of personalisation and talents that make the group as a whole one of Singapore’s most prestigious and remarkable live entertainment services. Flame of the Forest infuses an eclectic array of music with traditional sounds creating new music sensibilities while keeping the music appreciable by the general audience. Prior to the new additions to the group, what is now a cooperative group of musicians, used to be a 3-men band back in 1986. Now, with the batons being passed onto sons Krsna Tan and Govin Tan, the band has gained fresh musical perspectives they gained along their journey.

Rates: SGD$2470 onwards

+65 8138 8220 


Musical Touch, live music from the hearts 

Musical Touch comprises of seasoned veterans that have been in the industry for over a decade. Aiming to bring listeners “Live Music From The Hearts”, this talented team of virtuosos are passionate and devoted to tailoring each event to a couple’s specific vision while creating an aura of luxury that goes unparalleled. Known to be full of vim and vigour, Musical Touch has thrown more than a few excellent parties since 2012. Well, several hundreds to be exact! So, it doesn’t matter if you request for a two-piece band or a string quartet, any wedding party with them is guaranteed to be a blast in a glass. You’re welcome, by the way!

Rates: SGD$700 onwards.

+65 9888 3007

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Sparkle Live Music, for celebrity

With proven talent and passion to form a personal framework that best enact the vision for your wedding, Sparkle Live Music provides one of the highest level of Live Music options for weddings. Founded by local celebrity, Tay Kewei with keyboardist Lee Ein Ein, and singer Tay Kexin, these talented professionals have been expanding their team to be able to cater to all weddings! To top it off, Sparkle Live Music’s services even extends to multilingual options – Mandarin, English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Hokkien and Cantonese!

Rates: SGD$888 onwards.
+65 9146 3302
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