Epic Gatecrashing Moments Caught On Camera That Will Leave You Rolling In The Aisles

Weddings in Singapore are far from simple. It’s almost rare to witness a gatecrashing ceremony without bizarre booze tests with over-the-top straw inventions and some boy-to-boy action that usually get the elders to go, “Aiya, enough already lah!”.

From full-suited pink power rangers to sock-faced groomsmen – to think about it these gatecrashing test inventions from bridesmaids should deserve some Shark Tank recognition. To ward off evil spirits – they say the livelier the gatecrash, the better, right? So, it’s time to let a little loose, unveil some embarrassing photos of groomsmen and the grooms, themselves, doing outlandish things just to be able to crash through the gates of their beloved – warts and all.


Mary & Ming Yong 

Leon Huang from A Merry Moment

Here’s a groom with an entourage that he rented from an entire village of men from ancient China. This emperor for the day is ready to go to war, and smash those tests in hopes of winning over the heart of his empress. We’re just hoping the two blue minions can make it to the gate what with all the groom’s weight of ‘glory’. Salute!


Fang Xian & Wen Hao

Petrina Ng from A Merry Moment

“Hello, damn it bro, why aren’t you getting it right already,” said this extremely frustrated groomsman. It’s hard not to laugh at the sight of this wide-mouthed friend who’s clearly at his wits end trying to win one for the team. Talk about dedication.


Eunice & Bryan

Germaine Lee from Annabel Law Productions

“Actually this test isn’t so bad, get to eat Samyang,” said the grown man with a huge sparkly polkadotted bow on his head happily gorging down on the world’s hottest bowl of instant noodles in hopes that his bestie would get to marry the love of his life. Don’t worry fellow groomsman, we recognise your effort and hunger. Kudos to the strong brotherhood.


Stephanie & Sean

Awesome Memories Photography

Sometimes, role reversals are crucial in relationships as a way to exercise empathy and build a stronger emotional connection between the couple. So, for a change, hubbies should seriously try breastfeeding the baby, right? In this case, a very wrong and odd case of role reversal would get you guys into deep thought. Who is the baby and who is the hubby? Readers will never know.


Cindy & John

Journey Record Wedding Photography & Videography

Speaking of role-reversals, couple, Cindy & John, decided the women go through the series gatecrashing tests instead. Let’s admit they look pretty badass while doing it. Also, Cindy’s bridesmaid seems like she’s kicking some butt while downing on god-knows-what. We also shan’t forget the very vogue team of Soul Sisters at the back. Mama Say Mama Sa Mama Coo Sa.


Shu Ann & Greg

Love In Stills

A very curious case of colourful vegetables and brightly-coloured crustacean creatures either saving, groom, Greg from choking or giving him a good final beating as a bachelor. Again, we will never know. Just know that these set of characters might have collectively came from Sausage Fest’s supermarket. 


Betty & Karl

Raymond Phang Photography

We think we’re speaking for everyone here when we say we have never seen a group of men cheerleaders in a fully-suited pink spandex suit with… black underwear? Not sure if this a hybrid of the pink power ranger and captain underpants but these boys are really rocking the gatecrash. We have no idea what these talented cheerleaders are attempting to form but we can safely say they passed the test!


Cheryl & Melvin

Visual Momentos

There’s just so many things wrong with this photo. We’re not sure if it’s the sock-faced groomsmen, or the pitiful Kailan hanging on their belts or that the groom looks way too happy that his groomsmen are making a fool of themselves. That aside, Ideal Weddings approve of that one hell of an afro sitting on the groom’s head. 


Carine & Thomas

Shane C. Photography

Dis-gus-ting. Our hearts go out to the person who had to down this nauseating concoction of lemon juice and feet sweat. We can only hope that the natural antiseptic properties of lemons would clean out some of that feet bacteria. 


Mr & Mrs Jurassic

Caline Ng Photography

A t-rex, and 5 nicely-suited men dancing to some funky music. We’re guessing it’s K-Pop or more specifically.. Gangnam Style? All we know is that the t-rex can really bust some moves considering it has tiny adorable arms and legs. What are those called in dinosaur terms?


Huimin & Daniel

SideXSide PIctures

Wow. What a test to pass, we’re guessing the passing requirement is to pass out for a few seconds. Talk about a love to die for. Don’t worry though,  this lovely couple is alive and well with some pretty good breathing skills we should take note of. Perhaps he does yoga or free-diving?


Feature Image: Awesome Memories Photography

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