8 Underrated Rom Coms For Your Netflix & Chill Weekend

Before Netflix, we often have to set aside a good 4 hours of watching trailers, and reading up on IMDB before settling on a film. Somehow, with the god-sent platform of the century, it’s much easier to just click on a movie without going to Youtube and Wiki before proceeding with your choice for the night.

Laughter is the best medicine, and a non- BAFTA-award-film doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t leave you in sticthes. So, forget When Harry Met Sally, and let’s start binging on some underrated rom-coms. We’re no Roger Ebert but these 8 films we picked out made our sides split. Also, if you’re wondering – yes, we did include 2 K-rom-coms. Yay!

I Hate Valentine’s Day

I Hate Valentine’s Day is a romantic comedy with a peculiar heroine, Floris Genevieve, who believes that the best way to maximise on romantic and sexual fulfilment is to never go on more than five dates with the same man. Not sure whether that’s tough or a piece of cake for some but her ‘imperishable’ love policy was soon forced to be re-evaluated once she meets Greg Garlin, her new neighbour. Eeeek – sounds like danger. Though it was released in 2009, it still resonates with millennials who capitalise on sexual needs more than *coughs*.. EQ?

The Perfect Couple

Okay if you’re Asian and have not watched The Perfect Couple then the proud association of asians would be forced to remove you. It’s hilarious, it’s perfect, it’s the handsome Lee Dong Wook. Swoons. The movie starts when reporter Choi Soo-jin accidentally stabbed a skewer from her tempura at a street vendor into the side of detective Kang Jae-Hyuk who was chasing a suspected criminal. After the mildly gross encounter, Soo-jin is tasked to write about a detective who turns out to be Jae-hyuk. Yeah, yeah, we all know you can guess what happens in the end. But, wouldn’t you wanna witness the in between cutesy lovey dovey moments the two have. Also – I wouldn’t mind watching Dong Wook for 2 straight hours. That’s what you call a perfect netflix and chill weekend.

Playing It Cool

Two words – Chris Evans, and personally, that’s enough for me to grab a bag of Kettle Chips and hibernate in my room for an entire 48 hours. The number of times this hubba hubba of a guy has been rejected is painful (in this movie, of course) and so the pains of unrequited love became his muse, and his latest project as a writer. Then came an angel from heaven, who turns out to be engaged. Well the rest is on Wiki, and it’s up to you to head on Netflix to watch Captain America in plain clothes sans hair compete in a love triangle.

Blind Date

A French film about a Parisian writer who scares his new tenants away from the flat so that he could have his well-deserved peace. Why? Because all workaholics are cuckoo in the head, especially writers. So, when a pianist moves in next-door, she refuses to be driven away by her neighbour. What’s there not to love about a romantic French film? It’s so funny you’d form some solid abs halfway throughout the film. Plus, the crazy writer dude kinda looks like Patrick Dempsey. I say with a French accent, and that face – I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Sing Street

Set in Dublin, Robert Lawler wishes to gain the attention of his crush in which I can safely say is completely out of his league. Aware of that, he approaches her and lies that he needs a model for his make-pretend band’s latest music video. Oh, and did I mention it’s all set in a conservative Christian school in the 80s? So, there’s a backward pastor who scrubs his face with soap after witnessing Lawler’s cake-faced. Laughter is the best medicine and Sing Street will certainly nurse a patient back to health with Lawler’s witty remarks, crazy-good music, and accents so Irish you gotta keep reminding yourself the world is round. We give it a thumbs up.

Underground Rendezvous

Set in the 80s, the eldest son of a poor family moves to Seoul in hopes of becoming a teacher. However, a series of unfortunate events unfolds as soon as he reaches the city. With no money, no clothes, and totally lost in a remote town, he falls in love with a woman there who many suspect is from somewhere up North. It turns out the townspeople have been communicating with a bordering town in North Korea through a secret tunnel. Plot twist much??

The Decoy Bride

Desperate to wed in peaceful bliss, Scottish A-list film star, Lara Tyler hires an American girl as a decoy bride to put off the paparazzi. When the secret church wedding gets interrupted by Ballani, a Lara-obsessed paparazzi, the ceremony gets called off, and James and the decoy bride gets separated from the group. This film is filled with laughter, happiness, chaos, and ruined dresses. For our dear readers, we’ve done our research, and no Vera Wang dresses of sorts are ruined in the making of this film.

For A Good Time Call

When two girls who once have pure disdain for each other after a college party malfunction involving urine become best friends – it’s likely that fun stuff may happen. But when the two start to go broke and end up turning their side-job into a big sexy hotline business – things go wild and someone’s bound to fall in love with a ‘client’. For A Good Time Call is a charming chick flick that’s bound to make everyone in stitches. Perfect for those who aren’t complete prudes, it doesn’t hurt to give this rom-com a go.

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