8 Inappropriate Songs That You Should Avoid Putting On Wedding Playlists

It’s your big day where you and your partner are pronounced man and wife. You want your wedding and the atmosphere to be nothing short of romantic, solidarity and trust. So, even though most of these songs on this list sound and look appropriate, they are not and you should avoid playing at your wedding.

You’re Beautiful – James Blunt

At first glance, you would think this song is a romantic ballad to your loved one, professing how wonderful it is. I mean, James Blunt, with his crooning voice, is known for his slow tempo and romantic tone. So, it is easy to assume that this song is appropriate for a wedding. But in fact, this song is about unrequited love with an attached woman and how he will never end up with her. Not the most appropriate sentiment you want at a wedding right?

Lips of an Angel- Hinder

Another song with a relatively slow and sombre tempo, many would assume it to be a song about love and how much someone misses his lover, and they would be right…. Sort of. See, if you read the lyrics really carefully, the song is about an ex-girlfriend calling her ex, telling him how much she misses him and the ex-boyfriend agrees that he still has lingering feelings for her too and all of it happening under the nose of his current girlfriend. Since, christening your first day as a married couple infidelity isn’t the best thing to do, you should give this song a miss.

Bed of Roses- Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi is known for his classic rock songs about love and romance. In fact, listening to this song, it is very hard to spot why this is inappropriate. While it has all the elements of a perfect love song; powerful vocals and a “I Love You Forever” vibe, it carries a heartbreak feel throughout the entire song to a point it is almost tragic. It is more appropriate for a breakup playlist than a wedding one.

I Write Sins Not Tragedies- Panic! At the Disco

Don’t be deceived by the appearance of the Music Video of this song. It may take place at a wedding, but it is far from appropriate for a wedding playlist. This punk rock song is about the gossip and ill rumors about the newly married couple at a wedding. Not the greatest song to play unless you want the guests to have their tongues wagging.

Every Breath You Take-Police

If you ask anyone what they thought this song was about, without knowing the context, they will probably tell you it is a song about a man admiring his loved one with a loving gaze. However, as the lead singer of Police came out saying, this song is not about love…..but about stalking. You read that right. The song is about a stalker peeping and harassing a woman of his object desire. Stalkers are hardly appropriate for a wedding, and so is this song.

Need you now- Lady Antebellum

You probably sang this song to death at karaoke with your friends and your partner. It is one of THE songs to sing a duet with. It is a beautiful country duet song. So why is this song on the list? Because, *roll drums* it about missing an Ex. So… No. Don’t play this at any wedding.

Closer- Chainsmokers.

Most of us have heard this song playing on EVERY radio station when it was first released. In fact, if we had a dollar for every time we heard this song, we probably could buy that Rover they couldn’t afford in the song. But what is the song about? Is it a love song? Well, as the Chainsmokers confirmed in an interview, the song is about…. 2 exes hooking up again becasue they regret breaking up with each other. So unless you want your partner to run off with an ex of his/her, don’t play this song.
Marry You- Bruno Mars

You would think that taking any song by Bruno Mars for your wedding would be a safe bet right? I mean, it is Bruno Mars! He has songs like “Just the way you are” which has got to be the sweetest love song ever. So, “Marry You” should be a good choice, no? Well, the song is about an impulsive decision to get hitched after two people get really drunk. The song ends with the guy telling the woman that if she regrets the decision the morning after when they sobered up, it would be completely all right because it was “fun.” Well, that isn’t the best sentiment to have at a wedding.


Remember, it is your big day, and you want every aspect of it perfect. So let’s avoid unwanted mishaps by avoiding these songs.


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