7 Types of Guests You Will Have At Your Wedding

Weddings are grand events, where you invite your relatives and closest friends to celebrate, laugh and cry with joy as they witness your union with your loved one.However, there will always be a few characters amongst your guests that will be present at every wedding. So, here are XX types of guests you will definitely see at your wedding.

The one that is inappropriately dressed.


For some reason, no matter how specific or how clear you are on the dress code, there will always be a friend or family member that will be in berms and slippers in the crowd. You rationalize that maybe they were rushing from work or he doesn’t have the clothes you stated and maybe that was the best clothes he had… even if that is the farthest thing from the truth.

The one that loves to “Yam Seng”


At every wedding, it is customary to have a long cheer of “Yam Seng” with friends and family. This is usually done one table at a time or a few times on a stage. However, there is usually one guest that will be following you at every table just to cheer along with you. Hell, that person isn’t even drinking alcohol, he/she is drinking orange pop! You can tell, it isn’t about the drinking that he/she thinks is important, it is about the enjoying the moment of it.

The cheek pincher


Probably one of the more senior guests that you have invited, this guest is an elderly member of either your side of the family or your partner’s side. They are overwhelmed with how good looking you are and how you are the perfect match for your betrothed or how much you have grown since the first time they laid eyes on you when you were still a baby and can’t help but to pinch your cheeks as a form of a quality check that you are the real thing.

The distant relative/ family friend that claims to have seen you when you were still a kid.


You can’t remember who this person is. All you know is that the person claims to know you since you were a kid at only 3 years old and your parents seem to recognize them enough to give them an invite. They usually try to make up for the awkwardness by telling you embarrassing stories about your parents that you never knew, so that’s a plus.

The religious one.


This is the guest who, though meaning well, will smother you with their religion of their choice with their fervent and almost fanatical belief. They saw your wedding invite and thought it was the perfect platform to preach to you their beliefs or have an early audition for you to pick them as godparents for your theoretical unborn child.

The superstitious one.


This is the guest that brings up super obscure superstitions and fears of what to and not to do during the wedding. That person insists you follow their instructions to the letter or risk inviting ill fortune in your wedding. You know they mean well and want the best for your marriage, but it got really out of hand when she smacked your eyes so you won’t see the bride before the wedding.

The one that wants to take home the leftovers.


In this guest’s mind, he/she already paid good money for the food and believes it is a terrible sin that the uneaten food will be thrown away. “Haven’t you heard?” you will hear them say, “There are starving people in Africa”. He/she will insist to the waiters to pack a to-go bag for her if there are unfinished food at the wedding. It is almost shameless to an extent, but she/he doesn’t mind. You don’t really mind either because she is somewhat right; it is a shame the food will be thrown away if uneaten.

The one that compares your wedding.


This guest probably just held a wedding of their own for either themselves or their kin. They can’t help but compare how much better or worse your wedding is with their own. Be it from the food, the venue or even the itinerary, they will have smth to say. It is annoying, but just remember, they probably did it to justify the tremendous cost they spent on their wedding, not yours.

Remember at the end of the day, they are all here in celebration of your matrimonial union. So, smile and be thankful for having them over, for what is worse than having an empty wedding instead?



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