7 Types of Groomsmen that will be at every Wedding

We recently did an article about the types of bridesmaids. But, what about the guys? What about the groom’s groomsmen? His Band of Brothers, the N*Sync to his Justin Timberlake? Well, here are 7 Groomsmen that you will have at every wedding.

The Frat Bro

He is the one so revved up and excited you are getting married, he has been constantly yelling “Bro” at the top of his lungs since the day you told him. He is like stuck in his college years and has been chasing you to do shots with him before you get married. But, he is adorable in a brotherly sort of way and he swore he will tackle any troublemaker at your wedding so there’s that.

The One that constantly Rips the Groom to be on Getting Married

He is the one that constantly makes jokes at every opportunity he gets on the disadvantages of getting married and makes jokes like “Once you get married, say goodbye to your human rights! Hahahaha” It was funny at first, but after the 12th joke ripping on married life, it is beginning to get annoying and even worrying. If he is already married, you wonder how bad things are in his marriage, and if he is single, you hope he finally gets help to resolve whatever issues did that damage to him.

The MIA.

Be it bad timing, last-minute meetings or job obligations, he has been absent for most of your pre-wedding events and has to reschedule events because he is needed. You try to be understanding to his constant reasons, but you highly suspect he is making excuses because he is actually really lazy.

The one looking to swipe right on the females.

He is single and ready to mingle. He been single for a while and he has been looking forward to your wedding to get to know the single ladies there. I mean, you did make him a groomsman to help him improve his odds with the girls, but you are beginning to think he is a little too eager.

The try too hard.

You asked him to be your groomsman and he was really appreciative and eager about it. A little too eager. But on the bright side, he is at your beck and call. You feel a bit bad to ask him to do things for you because of how eager he is, but you can’t deny his eagerness is useful when you need something done fast no matter how difficult or inconvenient it is.

The Wedding Vet.

This ain’t his first rodeo. He has been to numerous weddings as a groomsman and has seen it all. He is prepared for any situation. From wardrobe malfunctions to being hungover for the actual wedding, he has got a solution and redundancy for every problem. You are a little annoyed at his nonchalant reaction and him calmly solving every problem, but you can’t deny that he delivers results.

The Stand-up Comedian.

He is the funny guy in your group and he makes the best and the worst jokes you have ever had. You might groan a bit every time he brings up a pun, but he has been surprisingly good at defusing arguments with his antics and make crying kids laugh. It was said that laughter is sunshine in the house, and after seeing it first hand from him, you now truly believe that.


These gentlemen are going to be part of the group of men beside you at the altar and the ones that would be going in with you doing the trials and tribulations set by the bridesmaids at the gatecrash. So no matter how they are like, treasure them because, on the day itself, they have your back.



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