24 Trusted Videographers in Singapore For Your Unique Love Story

Some say wedding bands are an emblem of love whereas some say wedding films are the ultimate sacred symbol of love. Whatever it is – these days there are barely any weddings without its very own video. We are thrilled to bring you our trusted hotlist of videographers in Singapore. Whether it’s a fly-on-the-wall approach, a slapstick comedy video or even a film-noir themed one, these videographers never run out of ideas to make your wedding film a special one. So, here’s to technology and wedding videos as a keepsake for generations to enjoy.


Incorporating point-of-view shoot to get genuine reels is what 19films is about. To show you how much soul and hard work the team puts into producing these short films – watch this SDE video that was just done under 2 hours.

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A2 FIlms

A2 Films dedicate themselves to cultivating story telling into the most creative form it can reach. They believe that the traditional cinematography methods should be played around with more. Ahmad Adham, the founder of A2 Films, creates far more than what you imagine a wedding film to be; high in artistic value, technically accurate, and visual expertise. Approaching every wedding with the agenda to highlight the couple’s wedding story, Ahmad Adham believes that listening to the clients takes precedence over everything. Watch this couple’s poetic video of their wedding day plus some travelling bits with the theme of Experimental Love Story.

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Adele Duxton

Adele Duxton vows to capture all elements of a wedding for couples who wish to relieve their big day over, and over again for years to come. They believe that the videos they produce bring out the utmost essence of every love story – natural and beautiful. From tear-jerker moments to hilarious gate-crashing actions, the talented team of videographers at Adele Duxton ensures they execute your vision to a tee.

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Annabel Law Productions

Annabel Law Productions never fails to give couples one of the greatest wedding presents – a video to last a lifetime. Making sure to incorporate the raw, honest elements of your wedding day is no easy job. That includes intimate and emotional scenes, and everything in-between! This team of creative and devoted individuals that’s been at the helm of the company since 2011, would do anything to give couples an experience they truly deserve.

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A Merry Moment

For simple yet visually stunning shots of your nuptials, A Merry Moment will cater to your every wedding video need. Mastering the arts of stitching together the many beautiful moments of your big day to illustrate your very own love story, this creative studio wraps up your wedding day with an elegant video you wouldn’t get tired of reliving. 

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Back Alley Creations

Back Alley Creations would spark a sense of nostalgia in you as you watch how your special day panned out. Approaching every wedding video with a keen eye for detail, the solo artisan weaves moments of pure honesty and authenticity into a visually stunning keepsake.

Warning: The ‘funness’ of this video is so contagious you might start planning your wedding on impulse after watching this video.

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Chromata Films

Chromata Films uses both solemn and goofy moments to capture the true essence of your wedding day. We all know weddings aren’t all fun and laughter. The reality of it is that half the time, weddings are filled with emotional moments(and mothers crying). This wedding at the French Riviera is too gorgeous to take your eyes off it, and maybe #weddingvidinspo worthy for some?

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Esther Tay Pictures

When you ask anyone for a strawberry shortcake, you’d get exactly that and maybe a fork on the side, if you’re lucky. Ask Esther Tay for a strawberry shortcake and you’ll get one with 2 cherries on top and a huge swirl of Nutella whipped cream sitting on your shortcake. That basically describes and summarises the work of the talented Esther Tay. Using creative effects and incorporating the most natural actions of sentient beings, this videographer composes beautiful captivating romantic films. 

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The newly rebranded FreyaFilms is out to take the-world-of-weddings by storm as the team comes in armoured with top-of-the-line equipment for your quality wedding video. The team believes that capturing candid scenes of the guests and including the atmosphere of the ceremony is crucial to create a timeless romantic video.

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Green Imagination

Green Imagination has the passion and artistry to turn wonderful moments of your wedding day into something you can keep forever.  Every couple has its own story and this happens to be a very sumptuous one. Watch this video to satiate your lovey-dovey cravings. 

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Majella’s Studios

Words simply fail to accurately describe what Majella’s Studio specialises in as every single wedding film produced is special in different ways. They take pride in their work, and crank out amazing videos that tell a story of each unique couple. Majella’s Studio is one of Singapore’s leading visual studio that won’t burn a hole in your wallet without compromising on quality.

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Meteor Production

A creative studio that believes the devil is in the details and ensures every wedding film produced meets a certain criteria before it gets passed on to the couple. Founder Kelvin employs a photojournalistic style with a minimalistic touch translating your wedding video into a beautiful love story with taste and class. You can count on Meteor Production to deliver and surpass your expectations.

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Neighbour Productions

A wedding is a momentous occasion that should be given the formality it deserves. That doesn’t mean your wedding video has to omit candid and awkward moments. In this video, Neighbour Production went no-holds-barred style for a natural and unscripted video to get the very best scenes for the couple.

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One Button Film

One Button Film preserves the most precious and intimate memories of a couple’s most important day to last a lifetime. With 10 years of experience, the team’s approach to life and the films they make are mirrored in their logo – a bouquet of bubbles representing love, passion and joy.

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Patchwork Pictures

Prepare to shed a tear when you watch your wedding video put together Patchwork Pictures. Specialising in weaving genuine and heartfelt stories, Founder Daniel ensures your video is carefully documented and edited to include the most authentic, sentimental bits of your wedding day that makes you look back after 10 years and say, “Damn, my wedding video can’t get any better than this”. Also, his other talent is being able to snap his fingers at hyper-speed. Talk about a multi-talented man.

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Shawn Ang Videoworks

Adopting an unscripted, documentary-style approach to his videos, Shawn Ang allows events to unfold naturally in order to create a sincere representation of the couple’s beautiful day. Working tirelessly to explore new themes, we foresee Shawn Ang Videoworks to become one of the most sought after videographers in Singapore.

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Steph Lee Films

A true artist and a visionary, working with Steph Lee Films will guarantee your partner, and you a top-notch wedding video. The man behind the brand, Steph Lee, believes that wedding videography is essentially a bespoke business and that the best film director is one who challenges the conventions of traditional videography. In his own words, Steph Lee knows that when it comes to looking back at your wedding day, having a film brings the day back to life by just pushing Play.

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The Next Chapter Film

The Next Chapter films re-tell couples’ love stories through their unrivalled cinematography skills. It’s all about making sure that each beautiful, fleeting moment of the ceremony will not be forgotten.

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Unique-Colours Creative Media

Unique-Colours Creative Media knows no boundaries when it comes to creating the perfect wedding film. Their videos are anything but ordinary, with a few viral videos under them. Be it regal or retro style or even full of slapstick humour, the films they produce are sure to capture the heart and soul of your wedding day.

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The Team at VVEILS will help you capture and compile all the precious moments of your special day. With stellar editing skills, bizarre angle manipulation and their signature stamp of elegance – VVEILS allow you to relive your big day over, and over again.

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Winson Cinematography

This talented team’s vast knowledge of the industry and deep passion for this craft makes Winson Cinematography one of the top contenders in the league. With their secret not-so-secret ingredient of concocting visually stunning videos – they believe that taking the time to get to know the couples better is key.

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