11 Makeup Artists in Singapore That Will Make You Shine On Your Big Day!

Every bride’s dream is to look her best and confident self on her big day.

The question is, how do you find the ideal makeup artist? Here are some tips, coupled with our curated artists to make it easier for you to make the right choice.

Decide the makeup style you want to go for: It all depends on your wedding theme and your personality. Don’t know what kind of makeup you want on the day? The BEST way to do this go through the wedding magazines, articles; offline and online, and social media to get ideas.

Make a Scrapbook:  Now that you have decided upon the vision of your wedding makeup, it’s time for you start curating pictures you like in your scrapbook. This will help you to organize your thoughts and help decide what’s best for you.

Choosing the makeup artist: Now we all know that with just one click we can get hundreds of makeup artists online. Don’t be overwhelmed with the number. Trust your intuition and your style. Look at their portfolios and the style. Pay attention to the little details like the finishing of the makeup, new trends of makeup and also the brands they use. Does it reflect your style and image? If yes, make a list of ones you like and are recommended by your friends/relatives.  

Scheduling a trial run: Once, you’re done with making a list, the next step is a trial makeup consultation, which is important to not only experience the artist’s expertise in person but also to get a feel of whether the artist personality clicks with yours. It is also recommended to try on your bridal gowns during the makeup trials to visualize the final look for yourself.

Booking a makeup session: If you’re happy and satisfied with makeup trial, then book the makeup artist as soon as possible. The more popular makeup artists can sometimes be booked a year in advance. So definitely book a makeup artist and get it out of the way, especially if your wedding is during the “hot” or “auspicious” dates.

Angel Chua Lay Keng

Angel Chua Lay Keng is the full name of the first hearing-impaired hair and makeup artist with 12 years of experience in Singapore.

She offers prompt, efficient and cost effective makeup services. She is a knowledgeable, detail-oriented professional who has handled many satisfied clients, including celebrities and famous personalities. She specializes in brow shaping and also offers makeup application for weddings, photoshoots, corporate events and other special occasions. She focuses on the most important elements of your look, such as beautifully natural-looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes and does her utmost best to accentuate these features.

Pre-wedding photoshoot: $200 Onwards (2 makeup looks and up to 4 hairstyles)
Full wedding package: $500 Onwards (3 makeup looks and up to 5 hairstyles)
*All packages include false eyelashes, ampoules, loan of angel hair accessories and fresh flowe

Angel Chua

Contact no: +65 96569231
Email: acmua@hotmail.com
Website // Facebook //Instagram


Cocoon Makeup & Hair Services



Hisa is a professional in the beauty field for ten years now and she has always been keen to provide an unforgettable experience for the customers.

She has received a Korean Diploma certificate of hair styling technique course, Advance certificate by Korea top star beauty salon “A-CONCEPT”, Advance bridal styling certificate by Hong Kong “Hoolala Wedding Production”,

Hisa specializes in giving her clients a natural and timeless style. She uses and offers HOLLYWOOD AIR Brush makeup for Bridal Actual day services, wedding shoots, and events. Cocoon is for you if you want a professional MUA who listens to your opinion in achieving your desired look. Clients love Hisa because of her helpful and cheerful nature.

Rates: ROM/ Wedding starting from S$350.


Contact No: 81390804
Address: Clementi Ave 4, S120316
Email: hisa.wong.yw@gmail.com
Facebook // Instagram


Cynderella Makeup and Hair Pte Ltd

Cynthia is a makeup artist with many years of experience and her portfolio speaks for itself. Working on numerous projects has led to her to be highly versatile in makeup looks. From themed to one-off looks, she possesses the skill to do it all.

Her clients have been very pleased with her attention to detail and making them look their best on their big day. She is very particular about making the brides look radiant and curates her looks to fit their dress as such.

Rates:$200 onwards.

Cynthia Oh

Contact No: 97380974
Email: hello@cynderella.com.sg
Website // Facebook // Instagram




Esta Hsu Makeup Artistry

Esta is professional and experienced in her field. One of the finest Bridal Makeup Artists in the wedding industry. Esta’s training hails from Taiwan, Thailand, Japan and Korea.

Moreover, Esta follows the trend of Western and Japanese hair and makeup. Her clients love her friendly and flexible nature. Also, she provides some helpful tips for brides to keep a healthy skin regime and hair. She is open to feedback and preferences of her customers. She uses best products according to the client’s skin tones.

Esta keeps up with the latest trends in the beauty industry and by doing so comes up with creative yet fabulous looks which many of her clients adore.

Rates: Contact Esta Hsu for a quotation.

Esta Hsu

Contact No: 97594574
Address: 2 Jln Lokam, Singapore 537846
Email: enquiry@estahsumakeup.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram



Jackeline Goh

Jackeline Goh is a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who is frequently engaged by brides, local artists, fashion magazine publishers, as well as TV commercial producers.

She believes that every bride’s natural beauty should be enhanced by makeup and hairstyle that are tailored for them to become the most beautiful version of themselves on their wedding day. Having worked with an array of clients, she better understands each person’s needs and wants and delivers it for them on the biggest day of their life.

Jackeline’s nature is such that she makes brides feel at ease and doesn’t stress them on one of the biggest days of their life.

Rates: S$180 onwards.

Jackeline Goh

Contact No: 98765742
Email: jacgsf@gmail.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram


Ling’s Palette 

Ling is a professional, award-winning makeup artist. Ling’s Palette prides itself on providing an elegant bridal makeup.

As you look back in time, be delighted by the distinction of a classic bridal look that withstands the passage of time, setting you apart from the trends that fade.

Clients love Ling’s Palette because she is receptive to their ideas and accommodates to their needs and wants. Ling is also patient and very meticulous in her work. This can be seen via her website. Head over to read about her credentials, awards, achievements, and reviews from her brides.

Actual day services: $400 onwards
Solemnization services: $300 onwards
Pre-wedding photo shoot services: $300 onwards
Events Makeup & Hair Styling: $150 onwards
(Please contact Ling for a more accurate quotation.)


Contact No: 97438960
Email: lingpalette@hotmail.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram



Makeupwifstyle is a professional and highly-skilled group of Makeup Artists with more than eight years of experience, specializing in Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling.

They believe each bride is unique and beautiful in their own way. They seek to bring out this beauty through their natural makeup and hairstyle.

Look your radiant self with Makeupwifstyle. Their main objective is to provide their clients with best makeover services at affordable rates. They provide makeover services for wedding shoots, pre-wedding shoots, ROM, D&D and even prom. The team is super-efficient in providing services.

Many clients love Christine because of her super friendly nature and her ability to accommodate based on the customer preferences, and the package they provide is definitely worth the price and affordable.

Rates: (Contact Makeupwifstyle for the Rates)


Contact No: 96862945
Address: 69 Oxley Bizhub, Ubi rd 1, #09-23, S408731
Email: Enquiry@Makeupwifstyle.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram


Saydanar Makeup and Hair

A very passionate bridal hair & makeup artist, she always makes sure her brides look their best. Giving them a sense of stress-free happiness, absolute confidence and satisfaction on their big day is what drives her to excel at her work. Her looks are tailored to individual brides.

She believes in creating timeless beauty and a polished look, which enhances the bride’s own natural beauty. She believes in constant learning, which is what drives her to acquire more skills such as ‘Japanese Airy Effect.’ This plethora of skills she possesses allows for her to carry out different styles for her clients and not limit them to cookie-cutter looks.

Rates: S$350 and up


Contact No: 92384092
Email: saydanarmakeup@gmail.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram



Stephy Ng Makeup and Hair

The first step in her new marketing strategy is to specialize in Qun Gua hairdressing accessories and signature collection. This style is accompanied with its dazzling accessories as well as to market her first own signature, Bridal Classique Collection.

Her design philosophy is to achieve balance thus transforming her clients while still maintaining natural, unique, authentic and traditional oriental elements for their desired looks. She believes that makeup should accentuate their beauty not modify it.

Rates: Contact Stephy for rates and packages.

Stephy Ng

Contact No: 91772520
Email: muastephy@hotmail.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram





Susan Beauty Artistry

Susan is a top Singapore Bridal Makeup Artist professionally trained and certified by Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Thailand and Australia renowned artists. She has a great 6 years’ worth of experience in the Wedding industry. “Passion, Practice, Perfection, Punctuality, Patience and Politeness” are the key values that define Susan. An experienced professional makeup artist in South East Asia.

Susan loves Asian and Western combination makeup techniques. Susan likes to create the Simple and Natural look yet Timeless Elegance. Susan’s top priority for the client is to enhance the features, hide the weakness while keeping the look natural, glowing and radiant, most importantly making the clients look younger.
Rates: Price Upon Request


Contact no: 90017465
Email: muasusan@gmail.com
Website // Facebook 



Tracy.Im Hair + Make Up

Tracy is a professionally certified hair and makeup artist dedicated to style her clients in the best ways to suit any occasions and to bring out self-confidence. She constantly upgrades her skill set to provide the most updated trends for clients. She has worked with celebrities from Medicorp, ensuring they look ready for the role they are playing.

Specialized in bridal styling, you can expect a vast range of looks/styles according to what suits you best.

Rates: Contact Tracy directly for the full package details.

Tracy Immanuel

Contact No: 93873142
Email: hello@tracyim.com
Website // Facebook // Instagram


Hope this article helps you find the ideal bridal makeup artist for you!


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