10 Things To Know Before You Say Yes To The Dress

Now that he’s put a ring on it, it’s time to pick the ideal dress. A piece of cake, right? Well, that depends on how you slice it. Since your gown will take the center stage at your wedding, it is only wise to allocate time and attention to detail when picking out your perfect gown. Here are 10 tips you should know before heading to the bridal boutiques.

1. Know your budget

It is important to set a budget and a buffer around it. Prices might vary from a custom-made bespoke gown to an off-the-shelf gown. Custom-made gown involves a lot of time and effort, and material selection is one of the major cost factors, ranging from S$2,500. Alteration is usually provided even when you select from the off-the-shelf collection.

2.Get updated with the fashion trends

You are recommended to browse magazines, do research on designs of wedding dresses and keep up-to-date on the latest fashion trends. You could take pictures of the wedding dress designs and show the bridal boutique or gown designer for them to have a better understanding what you fancy.

3.Have an open mind

It’s good to have a dream gown in mind; however, keep an open mind and try on different dress designs, because dresses look different on the hanger and on you. Be bold to try on new styles which might just lead to some pleasant surprises.

4.Forget about your flaws and focus on the fit

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Every bride has their concerns, and usually, they are obsessed with getting a certain type of gown design that was thought to best hide the flaws. We advise you to stay confident and adopt the gown designer’s or image stylist’s opinion and try on the wedding dress first before making a conclusion.

5.Know your silhouette

During the fitting, you are advised to try on the different cuts to know your body shape. There are bound to be a few types of gowns that could fit your silhouette.

6.Do not bring your entire entourage

Everyone has their opinions and sometimes the more the merrier goes wrong during dress selection when each friend gives a different feedback. You’re bound to get confused, lose confidence and may even end up with a gown that was not your choice.

7.Keep the location in mind

You should have an idea of your outlook. Plan your look with the location of your shoot or wedding in mind. Eg. For an outdoor garden shoot, a green or blue wedding dress will not be ideal, as the bride will appear camouflaged in the background. Usually, a contrasting effect is recommended.

8.Don’t forget about the other details 

Image styling is important to bring out the whole look and feel. The right image styling will enhance the wedding gown and bring out the charisma of the bride.

9.You will need more than one fitting

The first fitting is to select the gown and get the measurement. There is a need for a second fitting to ensure the wedding dress is altered to fit the body shape well and this is usually about 2-3 days before the actual event.

10.A sense of confidence

Many times, you may seem to lack the confidence, although you look like a bridal beauty from third person’s perspective. We advise you to build a sense of confidence, be comfortable in your own skin and as the saying goes, confidence is indeed a beauty!

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