When It Comes To Love, Distance Can’t Stop What’s Meant To Be

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Wedding at Hotel Fort Canning

You know you’ve got yourself the ‘one’ when you catch yourself falling in love with the same person over and over again despite them being miles away from you.

Sowing Seeds


Such is the case with Nicholas and Liesl who met in San Francisco in 2009 when she went there for her studies. Both of them had attended the Academy of Art University where they lived in the same student housing building. Nicholas was in Web Design and New Media whereas Liesl was in 3D Animation and VFX.

When asked about how they had first met, Liesl recalls the moment when she first joined the Academy of Art housing group on Facebook where she received a friend request from Nicholas, before flying to the States. (We all know that Facebook is a God sent medium for beautiful budding love stories) Being members of the group, they never had any interaction till they first met face to face in the States while attending a gathering for new students in the dorm building. Recognising each other, all they had exchanged was just a simple greeting and sheepish grins(I’m sure), and that was it.

“Being introverted and quiet people, we didn’t speak much to each other at first. But gradually the two of us began gravitating towards one another through our mutual interest in Italian food, gaming, music, and movies.”

The Proposal


Hollywood romance plots are so cliché when their light-hearted romance affair comes into play.

After dating for over the course of 6 years since 2009, Nicholas visited Singapore in December 2014 and celebrated Christmas and New Year’s Day with Liesl’s family. On the 2nd of Jan 2015, they went to the Botanic Gardens and had dinner at Casa Verde, where he proposed.

“He took out the ring and, being a shy person, I tried to hide it so we wouldn’t draw any attention.”

A Blushing Bride & A Suave Groom


Standing in front of the lenses of a camera does not occur so much so for common people than for models, actors and actresses. Being in a professional shoot could be stressful for camera shy couples who would probably be feeling like fishes out of water.

With the help of The Louvre Bridal and their immeasurable expertise, you won’t have to worry about having no inspiration and of course, awkward postures.


The ingredients for a stunning photoshoot: A blushing bride & A suave groom.

Wedding gowns tryouts could either be a chore or a whole lot of fun in saying ‘Yes to the Dress’. Personally for Liesl, it was definitely the latter; trying on 20 different wedding dresses meant that there were 20 ways for her to look like the prettiest woman on earth. No doubt, this applies to the dapper groom as well. (Liesl: Big thanks to Jennifer and Sally from The Louvre Bridal, who assisted us in finding the right dresses!)

Magic Moments & Blossoming Hydrangea Love


Choosing the garden theme of their ceremony & lunch at Bethesda Frankel Estate Church began with Liesl’s favourite colours of blue and purple along with her avid love for hydrangeas. Nicholas was pretty laid-back as long as the wedding did not involve too much pink. The lush romance’s themed ballroom banquet at Hotel Fort Canning came with a mixture of ivory, pink and white flowers. (Yes, brides will always have the final say.)

The wedding day will always hold a special place in the intertwined hearts of our couples. For delightful moments like this, some people really do wait for what seems like a lifetime.

Liesl –

“During our final walk down the aisle in church, when everyone was singing This Is The Day and clapping along, I felt really happy to be able to celebrate our big day with everyone. Then Nick and I noticed the surprise wedding cake at the end of the aisle!”

Nick –

“The speech that Liesl gave at the ceremony was quite touching – I was trying not to tear up and keep smiling.”

Happy Ever Afters Are Not Only In Fairy Tales


Advice from Nicholas & Liesl:

The road to a healthy relationship requires some form of communication. It’s good for couples to exercise patience with each other as everyone has their flaws. If you’ll like to reduce the tiffs and quarrels, it’s always good to make decisions together. (That’s right guys, now that you’re under a covenant, it’s time to listen to your wife!)

Regret Me Not


When asked what would the couple had done differently if they had no budget constraints:

Liesl –

“I would fly everyone to Italy and have a pasta-filled wedding feast! But in all seriousness, looking back now, there’s really nothing I would do differently even with no budget constraints. We had a really good time and our family and friends did too, and that’s all I can ask for.”

Nick –

“What she said.”

Appreciation From The Couple 


When asked to share their thoughts of the vendors involved:

“We are extremely happy with, and grateful for, all the help we received and the services that were provided for our photo shoot and on our wedding day. The staff at The Louvre Bridal (Jennifer, Yee Lou and Team) were very helpful and accommodating, working out a package that suited our specific needs and helping us plan for the pre-wedding shoot.

Nick and I were nervous about the photoshoot because we’re both uncomfortable with being infront of a camera, but the photographer, Steven, was a pro at directing us and making us feel at ease while he took our photos. Elaine did a great job with my hair and makeup for both the photo shoot and the big day, and she brought a friend to help my bridesmaids with their hairdos as well. The photos and video of the actual day are still being processed, but we would like to thank Lee, the photographer, and Zero, the videographer, for all their hard work, and we can’t wait to see the results!

Even though Nick and I didn’t get to eat much during the lunch reception, we are glad that our guests really enjoyed the Peranakan lunch spread provided by Chilli Api Catering. We heard that some guests packed the extra food to take home, which is great! We didn’t know there was going to be cake, and we were pleasantly surprised with the impressive, four tier, hydrangea-themed wedding cake that Cheryl Ong baked, in our favourite Vanilla flavour.”

Above All


From Nicholas & Liesl:

We wish to extend a heartfelt THANK YOU to our families and friends who put in the time and effort to help bring everything together on our special day, and thank God above all else for His blessings upon us.

Bridal Studio: The Louvre Bridal
(Jennifer, Yee Lou and team)
Hotel Fort Canning
(Coordinator Cynthia, Ballroom Manager Adrian, Assistant Manager Brandon and Team)
Photoshoot Venue #2: W39 Bistro & Bakery
Lunch Reception: Chilli Api Catering
Solemnizer: Elder Ernest Chew
Speaker (homily): Elder Jimmy Tan
Pre-Marriage Counselors: Geok Chye and Nancy
Flower Girls: Sera, Yasmin, Rachel
Pageboy: Joseph
Violinist: Isaac
Pianist: Keith
Groomsmen: Tim, Zac, Nic
Bridesmaids: Andrea, Gretl, Jonyl
Church Emcee: Noel
Dinner Emcee: Nic, Gretl
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Elaine
Bridesmaids’ Hair & Makeup: Fiona
Wedding Coordinators: Michelle, Sharon, Rachel
AV Team: John, Adelene
Reception Team: Seow Cheng, Yee Long, Kartina, Joanna, Deborah
Ushers: Timothy and Gabriel Ng, Timothy and Jonathan Tay
Drivers: Greg, Johnny and friend
Traffic Marshall: Kimmi
Church Cleanup: Naomie, Norma, Didi, Lily
Helper/Caretaker: Florence
Pre-Wedding Photographer: Steven
Actual Wedding Day Photographer: Lee
Actual Wedding Day Videographer: Zero
Photo Montage: Samuel
Church Flowers and Decor: Phillis, Ai Ling, Esther, Jocelyn
Wedding Cake: Cheryl Ong
Nick’s Parents: Andrei and Tamara Roschkowsky
Liesl’s Parents: Tan Chee Seng and Iris Tay

 It’s true what people say – you never know when and where love is going to find you.

 Cheers to the happy couple and a blessed marriage ahead! God Bless.