3 Es To Stay Within Your Budget

Most couples find it a challenge to stay on track when it comes to your wedding budget because the ideas out there are plenty and you’ll tend to get overwhelmed and go overboard with the expenditure. To help you stay on track, follow these 3 simple Es – Evaluate, Estimate and Execute. We’ve also enlisted the help of some of our preferred vendors on some possible questions you may have.



Lists are a great thing to live by. Your partner and you should create a list of 4 top priorities for the wedding day. It can be anything – eg. There has to be a 4-tier cake or you need to have a late night taco stand at your reception. Include any detail that you feel strongly about. Having this short list helps you to narrow down what you actually want at your wedding and it allows the both of you to evaluate your priorities and focus the attention and money to things that are important to the two of you.


Vendors will work within the couple’s budget as much as possible through understanding their needs and see what can be adjusted. Some couples do not require a full day shoot or the raw footage to be returned to them – these factors decrease the cost as well.

– Chris from Ichiro Films


Estimating the cost of your wedding is truly important. After you’ve evaluated your choices and also, decided on your guest list, you’ll need to add up the costs of everything to come up with an estimated amount. When you set your budget, you should always have a little room to play with. The wedding budget has to be flexible. If the numbers tally and match our budget, you’re good to go! But if they don’t, you have to visit the first point – re-evaluate and estimate your cost again.


We tend to have all-inclusive packages (except for wedding albums) so they’re a bit pricier, but couples won’t have to worry about any hidden costs. We prefer to be open about the services that we offer, so that couples are able to get a proper, realistic quote upfront and can manage their expectations from there.

– Kelvin from Lightedpixels

We actually work towards customizing and personalizing our packages by catering to the requests of our couples all the time. We will remove items which they may deem unnecessary in exchange for things that will benefit them – this may even result in cash value savings. Every couple will then have their essential wedding needs within their budget.

– Rebecca from The Louvre Bridal


Of course, this is the fun part right? No. This is one of the most challenging aspects. When you estimate a cost and when you actually execute the plan, the numbers will vary and unfortunately, they usually are larger than the estimated amount. So remember to be extra cautious when booking vendors, choosing décor templates or selecting your menu. Look out for add on prices – usually those are the killers. Read the fine lines of your bridal or hotel packages before signing them.


There is no right or wrong when it comes to planning your budget but I always advise couples to save on the tangibles, such as designing table numbers for a Chinese banquet. Unless the table number is going to be there throughout the dinner, it’ll be ideal not to spend money on something that will only be seen for a couple of minutes.

– Phillane from Med Kärlek