8 Things To Note For An Intimate Wedding Celebration

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It must have dawned on a growing number of couples that the greatest day of your life doesn’t have to be an over-the-top and over-priced affair, instead they are opting for a small and intimate affair to celebrate their love for one another.

And when we say small and intimate, don’t think plainly in terms of dollars and cents. It could be the sudden realisation that we can make do without the imaginary competition of whose wedding is more extravagant, the obligatory invitations, the petty “save face” customs, the desperate attempt for that impeccable wedding day, and if a smaller wedding saves a ton of money, why not! Here are some ideas to take note of if you ever decide on a smaller wedding:

Limit Your Guest List. Size matters in a wedding celebration. It also sets the tone and costs of the whole wedding. How about trying this – select your guests by reminiscing the time they have impacted your life in any sort of way. If you break into a grin just thinking of that one person, send out those invitations. If not, swipe left. You don’t want to handle a sea of unfamiliar faces on such an emotional and sacred day. With a shorter guest list, you will be able to spend more time with your loved ones on a personal level.

Consider A Lunch Reception. For some strange reason, a day wedding seems a little more personal, don’t you think? Unlike night banquets, your guests can come in a more casual attire under the cheery rays of the sun! (But no shorts and slippers!) And you can afford to drag your day longer since you held your reception earlier in the day, before collapsing timely on your bed once it wraps up in the evening.

Delegate Your Preparations. Having a small-scale wedding means it is unnecessary to pay for hired help. Instead, enlist the help of  your loved ones! We’re sure they are more than willing to help you with your big day. Simple tasks like compiling guest list, DIY wedding decorations and running small errands can be distributed evenly. We heard of a bride’s mother who actually baked their wedding cake from scratch! And with your friends and family pitching in whatever they can surely makes your day even more memorable and heartfelt.

Include Your Guests In The Entertainment. You can totally afford to have your guests participate in some sort of way with a smaller size wedding. Schedule a few activities they can take part in where peals of laughter and hoots of joy might ensure. For instance, there can be an open-mic session where guests can be invited to share the good and embarrassing moments with the couple. And it won’t be that awkward as it is with a smaller group of people.

Don’t Overlook The Details. Having a smaller wedding doesn’t mean compromising on its grandeur. Instead, there is a call for extra attention for every little detail! With 50 guests or under, details are magnified and noticed more. Hence, don’t miss out anything that you think might be painfully obvious to your guests!

Remember to be you. Don’t try too hard to impress all your guest with an extravagant wedding. One of the main reasons why you opted for a small and intimate wedding is also to let both of personalities shine. So run your wedding your way, while the rest can take the highway.

Get Creative! The real focus at an intimate wedding is the ultimate guest experience. Take a leap of faith with any wild ideas you want to incorporate in your wedding that represent your marriage and give your guests a jolly good time! It could be to have a themed wedding where you get your guests to come according to the dress code, or how about having an interactive food station like an ice kachang stall for everyone to enjoy? Really, the sky is the limit so don’t be afraid to do so. But always remember to do your research beforehand!

Choosing the Right Venue. You’d be surprise at the number of alternative wedding venues Singapore has to offer. Clearly straying away from the hotel ballrooms with template wedding themes, there are number of restaurants and cafes with scenic views to boot that accommodate to your wedding celebration. Remember to enquire on their policy for bringing in external aspects such as decor, live band, or bringing your own alcohol. Some may charge you extra, but some might waive after negotiation. One fine example of an alternative wedding venue is Vineyard, a charming French-Italian restaurant  located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but instead nestled amidst the verdant greenscape of HortPark.




Not only is there a myriad of menu options, Vineyard at HortPark gives you the option to hold your wedding in its rustic indoor dinning room, at the sheltered veranda or even exchange your “I Dos” at their outdoor patio! From an intimate solemnization to a garden wedding party, it is really an experience to dine at Vineyard at HortPark where you  can look froward to being one with nature.


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