Love Story Boutique Mid Year Open House Wedding Sale

A bride’s gown will always take centre stage at every wedding and so, saying yes to the dress is one of the most nerve-wrecking decisions for a bride-to-be. With Love Story Wedding Boutique, you’ll find intricate textured laces, stellar works of gown-crafting and chimeric silhouettes that will take any bride’s breath away.

Their team also extends to highly experienced and sought-after photographers in Singapore who will facilitate the couple’s shoot to the best of their abilities while capturing visually stunning shots as a timeless wedding souvenir. Especially for destination shoots, this professional team of photographers will provide an enjoyable and smooth-sailing experience for you.

Visit the Mid Year Open House Sale 2018 Sale to settle your matrimonial needs, and enjoy discounts for the myriad of services this bridal house provides!

Local Pre-Wedding Package For Both Indoor & Outdoor (Usual Price: $2588)

Package includes:

  • 1​ ​Day​ ​(8​ ​Hours)​ ​of​ ​Indoor​ ​and​ ​Outdoor​ ​Local​ ​pre-wedding​ ​shoot
  • 3​ ​ ​Wedding/Evening​ ​Gown​ ​include​ ​accessories
  • 2​ ​pieces​ ​man’s​ ​suit​ ​include​ ​accessories
  • Makeup​ ​and​ ​Hair​ ​Styling​ ​service
  • 20​ ​selected​ ​edited​ ​poses​ ​return​ ​in​ ​high​ ​resolution​ ​soft​ ​copies
  • 20​ ​selected​ ​poses​ ​in​ ​custom​ ​designed​ ​album
  • 1​ ​(20”​ ​x​ ​30”)​ ​or​ ​(3​ ​in​ ​1​ ​)​ ​portrait​ ​frame​ ​and​ ​1​ ​(0R)​ ​table​ ​top​ ​frame

Sale Price : $1788

RSVP now to come by to speak to their professional with no obligation. This is a RSVP only event. Alternatively, you can text “Your Name” & “Preferred Day Of Visit (23/9 or 24/9) to 90182298 to RSVP.

Love Story Wedding Boutique is located at North View Bizhub #03-07, S768090.

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