2 important things you need to note when comparing vendors

Finding the right vendors might be a challenge for most wedding couples. You may not know where or how to begin this tedious selection process. The two important things you need to decide on are – budget and style. After you’ve got both of that settled, you can go ahead and download these comparison charts and start your vendor selection process. We’ve also enlisted the help of some of our preferred vendors on some possible questions you may have.



The first thing you need to do before heading out in search of vendors is to set your budget right. You’ll need to discuss with your partner about the budget set aside for your wedding. On top of that, you’ll need to allocate certain percentage to the different aspects of wedding planning. Once you know the amount of money set aside for each vendor, you can start embarking on your research and shortlisting your vendors. Now, to the 2nd thing you need to note while comparing vendors.


I try my best to always go through the budget with the couples carefully before we proceed with purchasing or building any props for the wedding. This is so that the couple will not be surprised by the price list. They are always kept in the loop and we try our best to keep things transparent especially when it comes to money.

– Phillane from Med Kärlek

Couples should first do their research and shortlist their preferred bridals through website and social media. They should also have a planned budget as well as a shopping criteria in mind, such as the aspects that they place the most importance on.

– Rebecca from The Louvre Bridal


Your wedding theme and style should be decided upon before meeting vendors. It’s important to know how exactly you’ll want your wedding to materialise before shortlisting your vendors. Create a moodboard to depict how you’d want the different aspects of your wedding to take place. Look through vendors’ portfolios, visit their social media pages and read reviews on them in wedding forums to have a better understanding of your wedding vendors. After you’ve done your in depth research on them, you can shortlist a few vendors and fill out the comparison charts to see the bigger picture and to make an informed choice.


You may choose to meet up personally with the company, as it will be good to meet to know what their approach is and understand how the company will go about covering the individual weddings. Building up a rapport will be beneficial as well – couples should share their vision with the company, likes and dislikes, and create a mutual understanding.

– Chris from Ichiro Films

It is important for couples to know about the photographer, his work, as well as his style of working. If the photographer and couple are not on the same page, it will affect the experience and quality of work.

– Kelvin from Lightedpixels

It’s not the big tickets that will tire you out, it will be all the small details that will be eating into your energy. Keep your head up, stay positive, pick your battles (trust us, there will be alot) and don’t sweat the small things. At the end of the day, it is you and your groom that will make the wedding special, everything else is secondary. Lastly, enjoy this process. It is going to be trying but it will be worth it.

– Phillane from Med Kärlek