Chic and Affordable Wedding Favours for Under $6

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flowers and succulents

Mounting weddings is no mean feat. It is a big milestone marker after all, so it’s understandable for couples to go all out in order to achieve the perfect wedding. However, it is also important not to drain your savings account on a one-day affair. While you can’t scrimp on the suit, the dress, and the venue, there are other costs you can cut. The trend in wedding favours nowadays veer on customised tokens that are easy on the budget but no less stylish. Here are some chic and affordable favours under $6  to beat the traditional wedding favours that bore you to bin.

1. Mixed tape

mixed tape

A quirky and cool wedding favour is by giving mixed tapes to your guests. You and your partner can select favourite songs or anthems that made evokes certain moments you shared together. It can be an actual cassette tape for old school couples, but if you want them to be able to play them and listen to the soundtrack of your love story, then opt for CDs or flash drives. You can package them as creatively as you want.

2. Flowers and succulents

flowers and succulents

As a metaphor for your blossoming love, flowers and succulents in adorable ceramic pots or up-cycled vessels. They’re lovely gifts to help brighten their home. Succulents are not high maintenance plants, so your guests won’t be too burdened in terms of upkeep. Watering them once a week is enough. More importantly, you can get a small cactus for less than $6. For your wedding, you can buy succulents and cheap flowers wholesale at Thomson Road or Ikea.

3. Seeds or seedlings

seeds (via Etsy)

Another chic and eco-friendly wedding favours are seedlings. The thought outweighs the cost of seedlings. They’re easy to package and can cost less than a dollar per packet. Of course, not everyone has garden to plant them or green thumbs to grow them, so perhaps this one’s perfect for more intimate affairs where only the nearest and dearest would attend.

4. Baked goods

baked goods

Everyone loves desserts. Food is a much-appreciated than elegant yet thoughtless tokens. At least you get to fill your guests’ tummies with tasty treats, similar to the sweetness of the occasion. You can place brownies or cookies inside mason jars, mugs or other reusable containers.

5. Donation

donation (via BellaFigura)

Perhaps you’d want to share your happiness with other people on your special occasion. A classy and heart-warming gesture would be to make a donation for each of your guests to a chosen charity. You can then provide your guests with cards of appreciation, stating that you’ve made a donation to a non-profit organisation under their name.