The Blooms of Floral Love

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The natural splendor of the world never fails to stir some sort of amazement and bewilderment in all of us. From icy waterfalls of Iceland to the enchanting forests of Arizona, we are reminded of the untouched beauty that the world is capable of. Something we sometimes forget or take for granted in this urbanized country we live in.

So take occasional pauses as you go about life to appreciate what the world used to be before. Marvel at clear skies, the wind in your hair, or a single blooming flower found in your backyard.

Flowers are like soft stars from the ground. And it comes as no surprise that brides are gravitating towards having a floral bridal look on their wedding day. Recognizing this soft and elegant look as a growing favourite among brides, Autelier Makeup re-created 6 different bridal looks that emulates the beauty of flowers in hair and makeup.blooms1blooms2
Seemingly as though makeup was kept to a minimal, the models featured had an effervescence of youth and dewiness that radiates in photos. The colours used were soft, whimsical and very ladylike. Autelier Makeup also made us relive our childhood of  being little girls by incorporating braids in the hairdos. They made it in such a way that the looks come off very classy and sophisticated that ranged from an upbun to a pony tail.
Since the shoot was of a floral theme, it goes without saying different kinds of flowers were generously utilized! We’re loving how the makeup was done effortless to compliment the flowers used for each look. Take note brides, flowers as hair accessories are totally in so speak to your florist and makeup artists on how you can go about with this delightful look!
Makeup &Hairstyling : Autelier Makeup
Photography : Raymond Lau Photography
Gowns : The Louvre Bridal 
Flowers : The Flower Palette