5 Wedding Day Timeline No-Nos

All of your planning leads to this one day and you need to make sure that you’ve well-thought out the itinerary for the big day. There are many things to consider when planning out your timeline for your wedding day. These are the major no-nos when it comes to planning your actual day! We’ve enlisted the help of some of our preferred vendors on some possible questions you may have. Download the timeline below to help you plan out the day effectively.


Making the schedule too tight

The rule to plan out your wedding day timeline is to always assume that everything will take longer than you think it will. Your timeline should accurately reflect the extra time given at any specific moment. A jam-packed schedule sets the scene right for the ultimate stress for yourself and your wedding vendors and coordinators.


When things do not go as planned and you’re running behind schedule for whatever reasons, just keep that smile and let things be. At the end of the day, getting married is a joyous occasion, so my biggest tip is to not sweat the small stuffs and enjoy yourself! You’re not supposed to be time keeping anyways!

– Phillane from Med Kärlek

Not setting aside time for photos

You probably have an amazing photographer who’s at your disposal to snap away at your wedding. You need to ensure that you allocate time for the photographer to take the specific shots that you requested for. If you want a bridesmaids or a groomsmen shot, you should allocate time for that to be done before your walk-ins or etc. Speak to your photographer on this and work together to slot in these mini photoshoots during your wedding day.


About 30 minutes to an hour allocated for these shoots would be great. (excluding the time wasted from transportation to other location.) 

– Chris from Ichiro Film

I’ve received a good time allocation of about 40 to 45 minutes for these mini photoshoots on the actual wedding day. It also doesn’t take a lot of time for a photographer to get into the flow of things as their priority is to make sure the bridal couple/bridesmaids/groomsmen are the ones who are satisfied and comfortable. 

Appreciative people makes us want to go the extra mile to cater to their wants and needs.

– Kelvin from Lightedpixels

Having too many speeches in a row

Sad to say, your wedding reception is usually done for your guests and not so much for you. Unless you wish to bore your guests, it’s best to limit the number of speeches and most importantly, the length of each of the speeches. Another thing to note is to not schedule the speeches one after another – it does get a little mundane. Spread them out to keep your timeline engaging for the guests.


I recommend 3 minutes (at most) will be fitting for the wedding speech. But then again, it’s your wedding, if it’s a sincere heartfelt speech, take all the time you need. No one is going to pull you off the stage. A wedding is one of the most opportune time to thank all the important people in your life. So, once again, don’t sweat the small stuff!

If we had to put down a number, two speakers would be the most appropriate. (asides from the bride and groom) but if there’s a special guest or a segment prepared just for the couple, I say, go for it.

– Phillane from Med Kärlek

Underestimating the time taken for hair and makeup 

Ladies, you need to take note of this! Hair and makeup almost always overruns your estimated time. So please, speak to your makeup artist and ask him or her the time needed to achieve the desired look, and then, you add at least half an hour to that estimated time for unexpected things. It is always better to have more time for hair and makeup than to stinge on time for this important aspect.


Before the day starts, try to set aside at least 3 to 4 hours. You don’t want you make up artist and hair stylist to be rushing through the preparations. If time is on your side, take some time to get yourself together before the big day begins. It will go past just like that and you want to be able to have some quiet time before it all begins. 

– Phillane from Med Kärlek

Forgetting to factor in alone time

You’ve probably heard that your wedding is the most precious day and it’s the day you’ll remember for many years to come. But it is also one of the most stressful and eventful day! So do not get carried away too much in entertaining guests or making sure that everything is on schedule. Enjoy your day and ensure that you find time to be with your partner on your wedding day. Steal a few kisses and romantic glances – it’ll definitely make your special day even sweeter.