Best Top-Down Wedding Shots By Singaporean Photographers

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top down feature

A top-down shot exudes an air of elegance and it gives a fresh perspective of wedding photography. It is versatile in such a sense that the photo could either be extravagant or just plain sweet and romantic based on what the couple/photographer envisions. It’s definitely a refreshing and one-of-a-kind take aside from the usual traditional wedding shots.


Here are some of the best shots we’ve seen from our talented SG photographers for you to start getting inspired by:


Ah, the classic silhouette shot. Simple, yet ideal with those with a flair for the dramatic.


2 of us Photography

Look to the sky and embrace your partner – the only way is up, after all.


Bryan Jean Photography

There’s no reason not to spare some time to lounge by the pool and look spectacular doing it.

bryan jean


She thinks the flowers are pretty but he probably thinks she’s prettier.


Tinydot Photography

Pictures at spiral staircases are a good idea – the surrounding structure adds that extra oomph.

tiny dot

Bloc Memoire Photography

Is there anything more comforting than leaning on your partner while looking out to the city skyline?


David Teo Photography

Parallel lines head in the same direction but never meet – though in this case, they do.

david teo


Take it back to basics with a modest yet wholesome picture like this one.



What better time to share a kiss with your lover than in front of a view as incredible as that?


Awesome Memories Photography

Amidst the chaos of the wedding day, the constant is that you have each other with you in the small moments like this.

awesome memories

Multifolds Photography

Laying on the grass with your beloved has never looked so picturesque.


It’s all about finding the right venue (and flooring I must say) to spice up your wedding shoot.


Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape, take me away.
Take me away, to better days, take me away, a hiding place.



Utilising grand staircases in a top-down shot is definitely a good idea. Always have and always will be.


If you’re not that interested in the age-old stairway shots … well, escalators has been around since 1859. You can totally incorporate it into your images.


Ray Gan Photography

There are many ways to work top-down photos, one of it would be creating this setting that has an air of mystery (almost like James Bond).


Visual Artisans

Dance, twirl. You name it, just work it.


AK Kua Photography

Nothing can hide the refreshing love between these two soulmates in this rustic shot.

AK Kua

A marriage is only the start of an everlasting romance. (Btw, it couldn’t hurt to be little cute for your wedding photoshoots.)



The splayed out veil. The Sweet Bride. The Dashing Groom. & The Maroon coloured stairway are the classic components for a royal fairytale. All you’ll need now is a glass slipper.


Lightedpixels Photography

If you have a dog or a cat or any other pets, they’ll always look beautiful in a shoot with you. Technically, they’re family so why not? P.s/ make sure to send it for grooming(We all want to look our best right?)

Greenery pierced by blue skies and the white train of the perfect bridal gown makes everything in this shot magical.


You’ll never see the need for props in this quaint setting, only new romantics.


What lengths will you go to for the most perfect and striking shot? Hoard the streets and boast of your love.


But at the end of the day, what could honestly be better than feeling absolutely safe and secure in the arms of your husband-to-be?