An Outdoor Love Affair

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Union of David and Joey

Wedding at Alkaff Mansion

Many Singaporeans might concur when it is said that the air-conditioner is one of the most brilliant inventions ever created. This comes without any surprise as our country’s only season is of a hot hazy summer year-round. And the humidity! A stroll to the nearest convenience store can be enough to leave you soaking in perspiration!

But unfathomed by this force of nature, David and Joey chose the outdoors to hold their whimsical wedding of pastel blues and Tiffany greens at the Alkaff Mansion.

It differs for many when it comes to love. A simple knock on the door of your heart might be enough to incite a whirlwind of romance to finally end with a lifetime of commitment. That was the case for David and Joey who dated for a few months before reaching a conclusion that looking further was pointless as they know they were meant for each other.

A hurdle that the couple had to cross was for the blessings of their parents to have a western type of wedding dinner, instead of a traditional Chinese banquet. In the end, the couple managed to convince their parents, and it’s clearly seen on their faces that it was blessing that they will never regret giving.

“Try not to think too much and go with the flow,” the couple advises. “Trust the magic of magic and allow things to naturally fall into place.”

List of vendors

Bridal Boutique: Gown and Suit from The Louvre Bridal

Photographer and Videographer: Coffee and Tea Dreamzcoffee and Eleads Pte Ltd

Makeup artist: The Louvre Bridal

Flowers: Heaven’s Gift Wedding Concierge and Florasia

Car rentals: Full House Communications Pte Ltd