8 Bridesmaids You Will Have At Every Wedding (Including Yours)

You were looking forward to this day since you got engaged; the moment to pick your bridesmaids. The ladies in your life that will be by your side when you say “I do”.You have a group already planned in your head, the dream team, the Destiny’s Child to your Beyonce. The people you think to yourself, “It is going to be a breeze planning this wedding with them”. But despite your best efforts, you will always end up getting a mix of these bridesmaid types.

  1. The Planner/ Strategist


She is the MVP of your wedding, the backbone of your entire operation.  She has your schedules planned to the minute, set up the group chats,  the venues settled and getting the bridesmaids in order. In fact, deep down inside, you wish you could have her sort your whole life. You have no idea how she is able to keep it all together, but you thank the gods that she graced you with her ability.

  1. The One That Is Living Her Dream Wedding Through You


She is the one that gives you tons of ideas or suggestions for how you should do your wedding. Be it from the dresses for the bridesmaids, to the theme of the wedding, she seems to be very insistent that you take her up on her suggestions. She constantly repeats herself on how she thinks your wedding will be perfect if you listened to her ideas. You know she means well, but you wish she would stop.

  1. The Cougar


Ladies, lock up your husbands, brothers, fathers, and even your sons because the predator is out to play.

She is in your group because you are close friends and you partied hard with her during your younger days. You’ve moved on from that life but… she hasn’t.

She is happy for you getting married, but she is in this for the single guys and the free booze.

  1. The Stress Breaker/ The Joker


She might not be the most reliable or useful one in your girl group, but she was the first person you thought of when deciding your bridesmaids. She makes you laugh every time you are with her, never fails to raise your spirits and make every mundane activity bearable.

You need that in your life, especially when you are stressing over planning the biggest event in your life.

  1. The Unreliable One


Constantly bailing on bridesmaids meetings last minute, not picking up phone calls and always giving excuses.

Those are the standard actions that you expect from her. Even when she does show up, she is always late and you all accomplish even less than if she was absent.

You regret asking her to be a bridesmaid, but it is bad luck to uninvite her so you bear with it.

  1. The Drama Queen


You never thought that you would see the term “an empty vessel makes the most noise” but here you are.

She did close to nothing in the planning process of the wedding but she tells people that she works like a sweatshop worker in some third-world country and over inflated her role to a point where you think she expects a Nobel Peace Prize for all that she has done.

There is a chance that she might also be the unreliable one, which makes it worse. You get annoyed but you realize she does this because she needs to feel special and that is already self-punishment. 

  1. The record keeper/ Instagram photographer


Whenever the group meets, she snaps selfies to remember and commemorate the event. She is never without her phone and her camera is virtually on all the time.

You sometimes find it a bit much, but realize that it made your wedding planning process special and you get small happy reminders of the whole ordeal with them through the photos that she took.

  1. The awkward family member/ The extra


Often a family member from your side or your fiance’s, she is the sister that you had to make one of your bridesmaids because of pressure from either side of the family. She was never in your mind when deciding your bridesmaids but now you stuck with her. You try to make the best out of an awkward situation but nothing truly helps. But she is family and you love her.

Even though you will encounter a variety of your bridesmaids’ personalities that may make you laugh or cry, just remember that these people will have your back on the big day…. And they too will have to handle the best and very worst of you.


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