7 Awesome Ideas For The Best Bachelor Party of the Groom’s Life!

It is the last day of singlehood for the Groom and we all want him to send him off with a bang. But, are you stumped for ideas? Well, here are 7 Ideas you can use for your mate’s bachelor night or weekend getaway.


What is more manly than shooting your mates with a gun and riddle their bodies with bullets? Nothing that’s what. However, guns are illegal in Singapore and you don’t want to kill your friends so Paintball is the next best thing. Relive your army days, play real-life “Counter-Strike”  or even go out Rambo Style with it. It is definitely one event you can go for and have marks to prove it. (Yes, Paintball’s gonna hurt). This is a game for the real alphas. We suggest Red Dynasty as a place to go for your paintball needs.

Yacht Party

What is the best way to get away from worries, work and your missus? By putting a body of water between both of you. You can hire a yacht for your bros and yourself for your stag day where you can go drink, scuba dive and even have a private poker night with no way for anyone walking in and disrupting your day.   You can go to the many yacht rental places like One 15 Luxury Yacht or Marine Bookings to hire a yacht for the day.

Steak Dinner

It is your last night as a free and single man. What better way should you christen this day than with the ritual consumption of a farm animal showered with the original discovery of Man, Fire. Since it is a day of celebration, don’t cheap out. Go for the best money can buy for. We suggest Cut by Wolfgang Puck at Marina Bay Sands for their excellent mastery of cooking steaks and their refined service.

Genting Highlands

Source:  https://www.rwgenting.com/casino/highlights/

While the Americans have their Las Vegas and Atlantic City, We have our own version of a Bachelor Weekend road trip and that is Genting Highlands. Yes, we need to cross into our friendly neighbouring country, Malaysia, for this but can you really deny that Genting is not perfect for a quick weekend getaway with the boys? With their casinos and theme park there, you are bound to have the adventure perfect to send of a man into marriage.

Singapore Go-Karting

Ever wanted to feel like an F1 Racer? Well, while we can’t find any real F1 race cars here, there are Go karting arenas here in Singapore! You can relive your childhood for one more day and whizz past your mates by either imagining you are F1 racers or even in Daytona or Mario cart. You can go to either to The Karting Arena, or Maximum Drift for bundles of fun!

Laser Tag

So, you were considering Paintball, but after seeing the pain paintball delivers, you are a little apprehensive as you don’t want to come back to your missus with bruises and marks. Well, you are in luck as we have its less strenuous cousin, Laser Tag. If you are still looking for some outdoor activity, then we suggest the Fun Empire for Outdoor Laser Tag. However, if you want something with more theatrics and an indoor event, then Laser OPS could be a good place to start.

Bar Crawls-

What is a Guys’ Night out, especial a send-off for one of your own into marriage without the nectar of the gods, Alcohol? There are tons of Pubs stretched across the Singapore River at Clarke Quay, However, there is one bar that we suggest you try and that is “Employees Only“. It is a bar from the States opened by the original 3 owners of the American establishment and over a unique range of bites and beverage choices!

Whatever you plan, just remember that you or your mate is getting married soon, so be safe and don’t do anything irrevocably stupid!


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