5 Ways To Be A Best Bridesmaid Ever

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First thing’s first, if you do not feel up for it, do yourself and the bride a favour and politely decline her immediately. It is kind of the most important day of her life, and any trace of reluctance needs to be smudged out during this whole time.

Now that we have gotten it out of the way, congratulations is in order that you have agreed to take on this honourable role! There must be a certain reason why the bride has requested for you to be part of her bridal party and you might be a little afraid of what this role entails – more responsibilities, time commitments, financial expenses, nerve-racking situations etc… And on top of that, there is still your own adult life you have to run! It is no wonder someone actually made a job out of it!

But taking up the role of a bridesmaid is somewhat a selfless and giving act for the one you love and cherish. Try not to see it as a burden, instead focus on being the best bridesmaid ever to your friend you watched grow and become into this extraordinary woman. So here are 5 points to guide you to be a better bridesmaid for her.

1) Be interested. What an excited bride needs is an equally excited bridesmaid to whom she can rattle off about her wedding plans. Some brides might avoid talking about it as they are afraid they might come off as being self-absorbed, even though deep down they are itching to seek your opinion on whether the colour of the invites should be of cream or eggshell white.

Talk to her about her wedding, ask her questions, send her Pinterest pictures for inspiration or forward her useful website links on bridal tips. It is all about taking the initiation to converse about the wedding that will make the bride feel better. Once in a while, also talk about something other than the wedding. She might be bombarded with a lot wedding questions and just need a nice break from it.

2) There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’. Maybe your relationship with the bride is more intimate, and so the both of you do not share any mutual girlfriends. Chances are you will be thrown into a bridal circle of strangers with different personalities. Start on the right footing and get along with the bridesmaids. Respect the Maid of Honour as the team leader. Stay clear from petty disagreements and be more sensitive than usual when you are around them. Be nice to them, even though at times you may not feel like it. Remember, this is not a competition of who is the best bridesmaid to the bride. The last thing the bride needs is to mediate a squabble between the lot of you on her wedding day!

3) Efficiency is key. A bride needs a bridesmaid whom she can trust and rely on fully. So we suggest if a bride was to ask you to book the ceremonial venue, get it done now instead telling yourself later this weekend when you are free. The request might slip your mind, causing a hold up in the crucial timeline of preparations. By delivering as soon as possible and even before the targeted deadline, it shows the bride that you put her wedding on the highest priority which is more than she can ask for of you.

4) Throw the best bachelorette party she can ever ask for. But plan it accordingly! Whatever you watched on the television or movies have been stereotyping bachelorette parties to be of a wild night at a club filled with booze and strippers. You must consider the type of person the bride is, and plan something according to that. It might be a mellow dinner with board games to end the night, or maybe a more vibrant night of cocktails and live music. Remember it is for the bride after all!

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