5 Unconventional Bachelorette Ideas

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At some point in life, you will be asked to be the Maid of Honour for a best friend or your sister’s wedding. There is no escaping from the responsibilities that will fall onto your shoulders, including planning the Bachelorette Party (a.k.a Hen Night) – the final night of celebrating singlehood. What comes to mind when Bachelorette Party pops up in your mind: booze fest, dancing, and penis-related objects. However, that does not mean your party has to fit the typical theme, instead, plan a party that really reflects the bride’s interest.

Rather than following the cliché way of planning a Bachelorette Party, here are 5 fun and unconventional ideas.

#1 – All Girls Getaway

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A Bachelorette Party will probably be the last time you can hangout with your closest girlfriends without the approval from your party. Have a final blast of fun in a country of choice; explore a city, feast in Malaysia, road trip in Australia or, shop in Hong Kong. Of course, if the bride wishes to be alone, send her off to all-expenses paid solo trip.

#2 – Cooking Class

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Unleash the inner chef in you at Cooking Class Singapore, where a new skill can be pick up and forge a deeper bond with the girls. Whip up cuisines ranging from Indian to Chinese, International to even Vegetarian. A great socializing experience that ends off with delectable dishes.

#3 – Glamorous Bachelorette Photoshoot

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In this day and age, taking photos and posting them on Instagram has become a habit. So why not organize a photoshoot and get everyone to dress to the nines and snap away? Hire a professional photographer and have outdoor or in a studio, either way, the photos taken are a great memento of the relationship between the bride and her girls.

#4 – Old-School Sleepover

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When we were young, having sleepover with your friends was the most exciting event of the month; gossiping about people, laughing at stories and talking about ghost stories were enough to keep us entertained the whole night. Present day, things remain unchanged except for our age. We still love the company of each other and planning a simple slumber party, all dress comfortably in pajamas might just be the best night ever. Have the party at a house, book a hotel room, or a villa in another city.

#5 – Wellness Retreat

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For a quick escape from the fast paced urban city, plan a retreat, where the bride can enjoy a pampering day, as well as, detoxifying the body, mentally and physically. Most retreats offer relaxing activities ranging from yoga classes to spa treatments. A peaceful Bachelorette Party best suitable for brides are health-conscious or just want a quiet party.

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