15 Emotional Wedding Moments That Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

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Weddings are events that generate a lot of mixed emotions – whether it’s through the couple sharing their happiness with their guests, or when the bridesmaids break out tissues to wipe away their tears as the vows are being said. Here are 15 raw emotional moments captured by photographers that will surely resonate with you.

The Couple’s Wedded Bliss

On what is definitely one of the best days of the couple’s entire lives, the sheer euphoria seen on each of their faces as they revel in the moment is truly priceless.



2 of us Photography

2 of us





The Warm Embrace With A Loved One

A simple hug with a parent or other older relatives can be so comforting and reassuring as you take the next step into adulthood, that you can’t help but be choked up.

39 East Photography

39 east

Bloc Memoire Photography

bloc memoire

The Heartfelt Vows

Wedding vows are one of the most meaningful parts of the day; a combination of sentimental statements and funny inside jokes, among others, evoking a build up of emotions that overwhelm.


under the stars

Tinydot Photography


The Toast To A Bright Future

Weddings are also events that celebrate camaraderie, good cheer, and the hope of a blessed marriage for the couple in years to come, which this picture captures perfectly.

John Lim Photography

john lim

The Look Of Affection

Sneaky snaps such as these, where the groom is fondly gazing at his bride, encapsulates the feeling of being in love.

Awesome Memories Photography

awesome memories

The Personal Moment Of Reflection

Amidst all the chaos of the wedding day, it’s little moments like these where a couple can have a private moment of happiness and solace.

Mindy Tan Photography

mindy tan

Awesome Memories Photography

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The Luckiest Man Alive

The groom looks like he just won the lottery – he has, after all, in the form of a loving partner (which we think is so much better).

David Teo Photography

david teo

The Company Of Ones That Matter Most

It’s an unparalleled feeling to be able to enjoy your special day with the people who have raised you to be the person that you are now.


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Tinydot Photography

tinydot (2)

The emotional highs and lows of this memorable event may feel like a never-ending whirlwind, but it also makes for a celebration that you’ll never forget.

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